Podcast: The worst games of the year

House Party: a bad game

We’ve told you about the most overlooked games and what has us excited for next year, but we haven’t had a good grump yet on the RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show. So this week the team discuss the worst games they played in 2017. John thinks the misogyny of House Party puts it firmly in the bin, and Brendan is still wiping the red dust from his eyes after woeful survival game Rokh. But Matt can’t bring himself to call any game terrible, not even Star Wars Battlefront 2.

It’s not all negative vibes, however. We’ve also been smiling at pretty and poignant Gorogoa, climbing a mountain in Getting Over It, and shooting our way through Destiny 2‘s Curse of Osiris expansion. We’re only a bit scroogey.

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  1. rubmon says:

    House Party seems more of a silly porn thing to me, but I can see it would easily trigger extremists to call it misogyny.
    As for Matt, have him browse through the deluge of crap related to Steam Direct and I’m sure he’ll quickly change his mind about not calling any game terrible.

    • April March says:

      I’m pretty sure House Party can be both. In fact, misogyny is pretty much the natural state of silly porn things.

    • Raptordontasaurus says:

      Extremists, even! Yes, how could you possibly think a game with mechanics often built around stealing from women, violating their privacy, and coercing them into sex is misogynist? And if they exercise their right to decline sex, you can even whip out your junk in the game and masturbate on them. What kind of extremist would call sexual assault misogynistic? Only the most extreme extremist would be that extreme. The mind, it truly boggles.

      • Inkano says:

        Well, yeah, it’s porn.
        Taking a stand against immorality of porn is pretty much a timeless joke about extremists in every ideology, only missing “think of the children” line.

        • Beefenstein says:

          “Taking a stand against immorality of porn is pretty much a timeless joke about extremists…”

          So it’s extreme to make certain forms of porn illegal, e.g. when the person portrayed is underage or did not give their consent for the images to be taken or distributed?

          • onodera says:


            If it’s showing real underage or non-consenting people, then yes, but it’s not the porn itself but the sex act that is illegal. If it’s porn actors pretending to be underage or unwilling sexual partners, then there’s no reason to make it illegal. (You can shoot innocent people in the face in Fallout 3 and then eat them. Or you can even enslave them. Still, the game is legal.) Should you be allowed to call people producing or watching such porn evil, reprehensible, amoral, perverted? Absolutely.

          • demicanadian says:

            Sorry to dig out old stuff (well, probably nobody will ever read it), but:

            You can shoot innocent people in the face in Fallout 3 and then eat them. Or you can even enslave them. Still, the game is legal.

            But does the doggy get hurt?

        • Ashabel says:

          The thing is that it’s not supposed to be porn.

          In fact, the developers have been pretty insistent that House Party is in fact a cute humorous adventure designed as a spiritual successor to Leisure Suit Larry.

          So no, there is nothing extremist about this. In fact, it’s kinda embarrassing how certain people keep aggressively pretending that the criticism of House Party is centered on its ~lack of wholesomeness~, when it’s in fact centered on the part where House Party is basically what Leisure Suit Larry would be if Al Lowe hated women and thought rape is funny.

          Note: now reposted to reply to the correct comment. >_>

          • notponies says:

            This would make House Party actually worthy of condemnation. Especially since a lot of the discussion surrounding it here was more about the morality of porn in general.

            Not that I’d defend House Party as a porn game since even an actual porn games distributor rejected it.

    • Thants says:

      Oof, yeah. I remember the comments on that review, with dozens of people who’ve never posted before spouting oddly identical concerns about how “political” the review was.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      Centrism, everybody

    • indigozeal says:

      “I can see it would easily trigger extremists”

      Always a time-saver when the “ignore me, I’m a middle-school wannabe edgelord” disclaimer is right up front.

  2. Unclepauly says:

    wow. Porn is like anything else, it can go both ways and blanket statements hardly ever help anything.

    reply to April March

    • GDorn says:

      What blanket statement? Oh, I see it, right there, where she said “all porn is misogynist”.

      • notponies says:

        Well, the exact phrase was “In fact, misogyny is pretty much the natural state of silly porn things.”

    • Beefenstein says:

      “blanket statements hardly ever help anything.”

      Thanks for your blanket statement.

      • poliovaccine says:

        Eh, I think the “hardly ever” kind of disclaims it from being one.

        • Hartford688 says:

          Doesn’t “pretty much” also rather disclaim the same? I would say so. Pretty much.

    • April March says:

      I agree completely! That’s why I said a specific statement about this game, and followed it with a statement about how this thing is usually but not necessarily true. Thank you for your support!

  3. Kollega says:

    I was actually really disappointed by Agents of Mayhem… but not because it’s a bad game. It’s a fine game, actually – but no more than that. The combat is fine (even the sense of not being hit has been somewhat alleviated by one of the patches), the characters are fun and engaging, 90% of the dialogue is enjoyable, unlike John asserted… but it just didn’t grab me. Maybe it was because the gameworld was quite small and relied on puzzle-piece underground bases, or because there weren’t really any good attractions in the city besides missions. But really, I can’t name what was it that made the game not click for me.

    However, even with all of that, it’s still a well-made game that deserves credit for cool characters, fun dialogue, and the attempt to bring the hero shooter format into the singleplayer space. So I don’t think it should be called “one of the worst games of 2017”, even if it really was a disappointment to me.

    • satan says:

      For me the disappointment was my own fault for getting my hopes up for another Saints Row game. I just really really really want a new Saints Row game :(

      • Grizzly says:

        I’m not sure I do: I adore the Saint’s Row series, but I’m not sure how they can top the games they’ve already made at this point.

        • Kollega says:

          Actually, I could argue there is such a way, and it even was in a sequel hook in Gat Out of Hell. This way being, have Saints invade an alien planet inhabited by a warrior species and conquer it for themselves (and the remnants of humanity, I guess). I mean, required absurd production values notwithstanding… that would be extremely awesome, wouldn’t it?

          • April March says:

            Gat Out of Hell left plenty of hooks for sequels. Even for a reboot that brings the crazy down to manageable levels.

            I have a lingering feeling that Volition want to keep Saints’ Row under wraps while they’re under Deep Silver’s yoke. That’s why they released Agents of Mayhem, which is kiiiiind of like it, and is possibly on the same universe as SR (if you can call ‘an alternate reality created after a character in the game changed history through a bargain with the devil’ the same universe) but doesn’t carry all the luggage of Saints’ Row, allowing the devs to both succeed and fail on their terms.

  4. Hyena Grin says:

    It’s really hard for me to sit and think about ‘worst games’ because, well… if I think a game is that bad I usually stop playing it and forget about it.

    I guess it’s a little easier when you’re a reviewer and are sort of obligated to play a bit of crap once in a while.

  5. Don Reba says:

    Got some satisfaction from seeing Destiny 2 in the list of tags to the “worst games of the year” podcast. The text of the article ruined it.