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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: who to give the silver to in Sciropscire

Here's who you should give the bag of silver to.

While taking over Sciropscire in Assassin's Creed Valhalla you'll need to pay someone off to encourage peace. There are five options to choose from, each with slightly different results. To make sure you make the right call we've detailed the five possible outcomes in this guide. We'll explain what will happen, and who you should give the silver to in Sciropscire.

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: who to give the silver to in Sciropscire

At the start of the Sciropscire arc in Assassin's Creed Valhalla you will attend a meeting between Ceolbert and a nearby King. You and Ivarr will be there to back him up, and will have to pay off one of five guests to try to promote peace. Here's who to choose.


Rhodri's wife will explain that a donation to the treasury will help calm things down. If you choose to donate to her you'll get a reward later on, though one that is worth a lot less than the 650 silver you'll give her.

Choosing who to give the silver to in the Sciropscire mission in Assassin's Creed Valahlla


Rhodri's brother Gwriad is currently being held captive at the end of the room. You can bribe him to take out Rhodri. Unfortunately, regardless of who you pick, Ivarr will start a brawl and kill Gwiard. The upside is that you can loot back the silver from his body.


Ivarr is itching for a fight the whole time you're in the church. You can offer him silver to calm down, but he will still kick off and start killing people. Best to ignore him.


Rhodri's top advisor tells you that he can convince him to move towards peace. After the fight kicks off, Ynyr will escape. You'll kill him later on in the story, and won't be able to get the silver back.

Keep it for yourself

If you're not above lying to a man of the cloth (I'm certainly not) you can keep the silver for yourself. Just speak to the Bishop and lie, you'll pocket the silver to do whatever you want with it.

So who should you choose?

Honestly, Ivarr is going to start a fight regardless of what you do here. The only good options are Gwriad (loot the silver), Angharad (get a gift later), and keeping it. We recommend you keep the silver, as it's a lot and can be spent on new weapons, gear or customisation items.

If you are running low on money though, don't forget to check out our top tips for finding more nickel ingots and silver in Valhalla.

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