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Best Grav loadout and class setup in Call of Duty: Warzone

Tame this beastly rifle with our best Grav loadout

Looking for the best Grav loadout in Warzone Pacific? Warzone’s newest rifle packs a potent combination of damage and fire rate that makes for excellent time-to-kill numbers. The Grav also boasts one of the highest bullet velocities in the Assault Rifle category and is one of the only Cold War weapons with a caliber-conversion magazine. Get a handle on its beastly recoil, and the Grav has the potential to be a top-tier rifle. Here are the best ways to build it out.

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Best long-range Grav loadout

The Grav’s excellent damage and bullet velocity make it highly effective at long-range if you can control the recoil. That’s no easy task, but this build will help:

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: Task Force Barrel
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: 50 Round

As usual, you’ll want to start with an Agency Suppressor and Task Force Barrel. I’m as tired of writing that sentence as you are of reading it, but until Vanguard drops this is the long-range combo for every Cold War weapon. The pile of damage range and recoil control stats these two attachments provide are too good to pass up. You’ll want a Field Agent Grip as well for maximum recoil control. The Grav has a lot of vertical climb, so even skilled players should welcome the help. You’ll want some zoom for range as well, and the Axial Arms 3x remains the go-to. If you prefer a Royal and Kross 4x or other optic though, you’ll have no issues making a substitution.

The largest magazine available on the Grav is the 50 Round Magazine. A few more bullets would be nice on this fast-firing rifle, but 50 will usually suffice. This should be your go-to magazine. The RK 7 30 Round magazine will give you a noticeable damage boost and makes for an incredible time-to-kill. Unfortunately, the conversion tops out at a 30 round mag, which just isn’t enough for Warzone. It may have a place in Solos but otherwise stick to the larger, lower-caliber mags.

Secondary weapon

You will want a close-range SMG to go with this long-range rifle, and thankfully there is a wealth of great options in Season 6. The Bullfrog, OTs 9, and MAC-10 all remain strong, and both MP5s are in a good spot too. Check out our full list of the best SMGs in Warzone for more.

Best sniper support Grav loadout

The Grav’s damage makes for very competitive close and mid-range time-to-kill. If anything, close-range fights are a better fit for the Grav’s nasty recoil. It’s no Cold War AK-47, but it might be the next best thing. Here’s the ideal build for sniper-support range:

  • Muzzle: Suppressor
  • Grip:Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: Raider Stock
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: 50 Round

This build differs somewhat from the usual sniper support recommendations, because of the Grav’s uniquely high bullet velocity and recoil mixed with slow ADS speed. While many Sniper Support ARs will forgo some recoil control for added mobility, the Grav can’t afford that trade so easily. That’s why we’re sticking with the Field Agent Grip over something speedier like the Bruiser. To help with ADS speed, go with a regular ol’ Suppressor over the Agency Suppressor. You give up some damage range, but gain a lot of ADS speed, especially relative to an Agency build. The Airborne Elastic Wrap speeds ADS up even further, though you could opt for an SASR Jungle Grip for better sprint-to-fire times.

We’ve opted for a Raider Stock here to boost mobility while aiming down sights. Mobility is key in close-range Warzone engagements. It’s important to squeeze a little into the build once you’ve accounted for recoil and ADS speed. We’re sticking with the 50 Round Magazine as well, though you could go with 40 for even more ADS speed. That will be up to your personal preference and playstyle. Unfortunately, the RK 7 ammo conversion comes with a hefty ADS penalty, so we can’t recommend it for close-range.

There is some flexibility in this build, especially if you’re a skilled player with excellent recoil control. If you feel like you can forgo the Field Agent Grip, you can mix in a Tiger Team Spotlight for better mobility, or slap on a Microflex LED or other reflex sight. You can also drop the Raider Stock for a sight if you feel the sight picture benefits you more than the mobility.

Secondary weapon

A sniper support build implies the use of a Sniper Rifle, and we of course have recommendations. The Kar98k and Swiss K31 are as dominant as ever, and the LW3 - Tundra has become popular for extreme ranges. Check out our guide to the best Sniper Rifles in Warzone for more.

That’s everything you need to rule the Warzone with the Grav! The meta is still evolving as Vanguard approaches, so stay up to date with our complete perk rankings. Stop by our guides to the best loadouts and best guns in Warzonefor even more build ideas.

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