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Best Krig 6 loadout and class setup in Call of Duty: Warzone

The best Krig 6 loadout for Warzone

Looking for the best Krig 6 loadout in Warzone? The Krig 6 has always been a decent rifle in Warzone due to its extremely low recoil. It’s one of the most easily controllable weapons in the class but has never had fantastic damage. Regardless, ease of use will always keep the Krig relevant. To help you get in on the fun, we’ve put together this guide to the best Krig 6 loadout in Warzone Pacific.

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Best Krig 6 loadout in Warzone

Up close, the Krig can’t quite hang with the likes of the Cold War AK-47 and the EM2, so we don’t recommend it as a sniper support. At long-range though, it’s one of the best Assault Rifles in the game. Here is our recommended build:

The best Krig 6 loadout in Call of Duty Season 4 Reloaded
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: Mil-Spec
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: STANAG 60 Round

This Krig is built for absolute maximum range and minimum recoil. The Agency Suppressor keeps you off your enemies’ minimaps while extending your range. A Mil-Spec Barrel extends that range further, with added recoil control and bullet velocity. Underneath, the Field Agent Grip decreases recoil even more. As usual, you’ll want the largest magazine available; in this case, the STANAG 60 Round Magazine. Finally, a zoomed optic, which is key in long-range fights. Many players, myself included, prefer the Axial Arms 3x, but others go with the Royal and Kross 4x. Try both and see which feels better to you.

As we mentioned earlier, we don’t recommend a sniper support Krig build, but you do have a few options to play with here. All this recoil control on top of the Krig’s already low base recoil makes it incredibly easy to keep on target at long range, but if you feel like it’s overkill you can trade the Field Agent Grip for a Raider Stock to improve your mobility while aiming and firing. Alternatively, if you feel the ADS speed on this Krig build is too slow, you can replace the Mil-Spec Barrel with a Ranger Barrel to speed it back up in exchange for some recoil control and damage range. There’s also always the option of a 60 Round Speed Mag to help your reload speed, but it will slow your ADS even more. Give a few of these options a try and see what brings you the most success in Warzone.

Secondary weapon

Long-range Assault Rifles like the Krig 6 typically go best with a SMG. You want a secondary with great mobility and damage output to navigate close-range fights that don’t suit the Krig. The OTs 9, Cold War MP5, and Tec-9 are all great options right now. If none of these suit your tastes, check out our guide to the best SMGs in Warzone for more ideas!

That’s all you need with the Krig 6! This is undoubtedly one of the best Assault Rifles in Warzone right now. If you find it doesn’t float your boat though, check out our guide to the best Assault Rifles in Warzone for other options! We've also got an up-to-date guide on every Perk in Warzone, including the Season 5 additions, and our best Warzone loadout guide has recommendations for equipment and more. For a comprehensive meta picture, see our Warzone weapons tier list.

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