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Check out the first livestream of Resident Evil 3's remake

Just a quick bite

Hot on the heels of the Resident Evil 2 remake from last year, Capcom are releasing the Resident Evil 3 remake in April. Capcom have now shown off the first few minutes of gameplay in an official livestream. I'll warn you now: it's a pretty dang short session. That means no spoilers, if indeed you can spoil a game remake, but not a lot of information either. If you're hungry for zombie killing, it may hold your appetite 'till April.

The livestream is hosted by one of Capcom's community managers, who says that they'll not be solving any puzzles during the stream to avoid spoiling anything. Instead, we take a meandering tour around early Raccoon City and fight off a few zombie baddies in the process. We see some button-mashing events used to shake zombies off of Jill's neck. There's a jump-scare or two when she gets bitten from behind by a couple zombie cops.

They also show off a dodge move to evade the grasp of a zombie about to grab Jill, accompanied by a whooshing sound and an action-y visual effect. Pulling it off will help you get out of reach quicker, giving you time to fire a bullet or just hurry your rear outta danger.

Throughout the tour, Jill is also able to shoot at a few red barrels around the exterior area to explode nearby zombie folk. She wanders into a donut shop to pick up yer classic Resident Evil green healing herbs, put away items in a lockbox, and check out the saving typewriter. That's about all there is to see from today's video, though at the end the host does allow Jill to get munched to death by zombies. One of the undead attackers tackles Jill to the ground and takes a very gore-y bite out of her neck, tendons and all.

Late last month, Capcom announced that a demo would be available for the Resident Evil 3 remake. Their community manager reconfirmed that today, though it seems there's still no date to reveal just yet. You can find Resident Evil 3 over on Steam where it will retail for £50/€60/$60 on April 3rd.

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