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Clown Druid deck list guide - Forged in the Barrens - Hearthstone (April 2021)

The best Clown Druid to play right now.

Clown Druid is a deck based around the card Carnival Clown. It’s win condition is flooding your side of the board with giant, terrifying clowns with Taunt repeatedly until your opponent can’t take it anymore.

That’s not all this deck has to offer though! Clown Druid offers the best of the class, including the fantastic Guardian Animals package, offering you the chance to pull Lake Thresher, Moonfang, and Twilight Runner from your deck with a single spell.

Clown Druid deck list and strategy

Here is the best version of Clown Druid available to play in Hearthstone right now.

2 x Innervate2 x Animated Broomstick
2 x Lightning Bloom1 x Taelan Fordring
2 x Guess the Weight1 x Moonfang
2 x Wild Growth2 x Lake Thresher
2 x Overgrowth2 x Strongman
2 x Twilight Runner2 x Primordial Protector
2 x Druid of the Plains2 x Carnival Clown
2 x Guardian Animals
2 x Survival of the Fittest

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General strategy

Clown Druid is one hell of a fun deck to play. It’s all about ramping up to your big, powerful boys and destroying your enemies with waves of giants. Of course, there’s the problem of aggro, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve.

Early game: Your first target is to not die. Easier said than done, especially with all these aggressive Rogues and Hunters kicking about, but you shouldn’t find it too challenging to survive through it after hitting your deck’s turning point. For the early game, you want to be ramping with your Wild Growths and Overgrowths, ideally letting you chuck some mid-cost cards on the board before your enemy. Taelan Fordring is a really nice stall card thanks to Divine Shield and Taunt, but it also draws your Carnival Clowns for later.

Mid game: Now you’re in the mid-mana area, you might be able to sneak a huge play off. Lightning Bloom and Innervate, along with the Coin, might allow you enough mana to play a Guardian Animals or Primordial Protector, both of which let you stack the board with minions and the former giving them rush means you can clear the enemy board too. Lake Thresher, in particular, has the best effect here as it hits minions next to the one it attacks too. Plan your attacks carefully and you might just be out of your struggle area.

Of course, Strongman is discounted to 0 mana after playing a card costing 8 or above, so don’t forget to play this beefy Taunt for a bit more presence and start hitting face.

Late game: If things aren’t going quite as planned, you still have that final trick up your sleeve. Play Survival of the Fittest to corrupt your Carnival Clown, and then your clown will fill an entire board with copies of itself. It’ll even keep all buffs from cards played beforehand, meaning you’ll get a minimum of a board of 8/8s to smack face with. From here, it should be obvious how you can finish the game - just hope your opponents aren’t able to keep clearing your clowns. If you find this happening a lot, feel free to bung in a copy of Y'Shaarj, The Defiler to get extra copies of all your Corrupted minions.

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These are the cards you’ll want to have in hand at the start of the match when playing Clown Druid:

  • 1. Overgrowth: The best card to keep, it’ll boost you to bigger things much more quickly. It’s a similar story for Wild Growth, so keep them both if you can.
  • 2. Guardian Animals: Yes, even at 8 mana. It’s your turnaround play and is super important to have available.
  • 3. Strongman: It’s a 0 mana 6/6 with Taunt, promise.

Clown Druid tips, card combos and synergies

Keep an eye out for these little tips when playing Clown Druid:

- You’ll be pulling Lake Thresher and Twilight Runner from your deck with Guardian Animals, but there’s also a copy of Moonfang in there too. It’s extremely sticky and hard for opponents to get rid of.

- Moonfang is even more of a pain for opponents when buffed, specifically by Survival of the Fittest. Having to deal several different instances of one damage is a right pain.

- Keep your deck list in mind when using Guess the Weight. If you draw a 5-cost card it’s usually best to go for higher, but if you’ve already drawn your big ticket cards you might want to go for lower.

- Druid of the Plains is a sleeper lifesaver in this deck, but remember the Frenzy effect doesn’t carry over buffs. If you have an 11/10 minion with Rush, it’ll still transform into a 6/7 with Taunt after surviving damage.

- Primordial Protector will draw your Survival of the Fittest as well as summoning a 10-cost minion, but make sure you’re not in lethal range - this card won’t protect your face like Carnival Clown or Guardian Animals will (unless you have a Strongman in hand).

- Taelan Fordring is a nice, synergistic card to have in this deck, as it fetches your Carnival Clowns and allows you to start Corrupting them.

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