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Dad Goku & Jumbo Goku join Dragon Ball FighterZ soon

Gokus all the way down

The problem with Dragon Ball is that there are just too many Gokus. Diet Goku, Regular Goku, Blueberry Goku, Goku Black and probably more besides - a little bit silly for one Goku and his immediate family to make up half the dang cast. Not a trend that'll be ending soon either, at least according to Dragon Ball FighterZ's first set of DLC characters.

Gearing up for release on March 28th are Bardock (Goku's Dad), and Broly, who is technically unrelated but sure as hell looks like a Goku to me. Android 16 has a lot of work ahead of him.

First up is Broly, who is a very buff and shiny boy who wants to punch all of the faces. Once a relatively expendable Villain Of The Week from one of the Dragon Ball Z side-story movies, he fits in well among the game's roster, and should stack up nicely against Android 16 as far as screen-hogging powerhouse types go. As with 16, he has a nasty range of grabs and grapples, but combines them with decent mobility and some chunky projectiles.

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The second DLC character is Bardock. Famous for leading a very short-lived rebellion against Frieza before getting kersploded into space-dust, he's largely notable for being Goku's dad, and thus having a lot to answer for. Compared to his ubiquitous son, he's a scrappy little combo-fiend. A little less projectile-heavy than his laser-spamming progeny, but it looks like he has some extra tricks to close the distance and keep up pressure.

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If you're having trouble determining what makes a Goku, and whether you should deploy your Android 16-led kill-team to demolish them in online play, please consult this handy (and excellent) educational comic (and a direct image link, because Twitter's UI sucks) from art-demon Alpha00Zero. There are another six characters yet to be unveiled as part of the (quite steeply priced at £30) season pass for Dragon Ball FighterZ, but I'm telling you now: If Mr Satan isn't one of them, someone needs to start a riot.

Dad Goku and Jumbo PseudoGoku hit the game on March 28th. Unfortunately, we have no idea when the rest are coming.

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