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Dragon Ball FighterZ's third season is introducing Kefla and a brand new Goku

You get a Goku! And you get a Goku!

Dragon Ball FighterZ is heading into its third year of content, introducing some new DLC characters and a some updates to the fighting game's systems. On February 26th season three will drop, with new the new fighter Kefla following shortly after on February 28th. There's also a brand new Goku arriving with her, Ultra Instinct Goku (I'm told he's an extra special Goku).

Bandai Namco dropped the news in a flashy trailer - check it out below and get more info about Dragon Ball FighterZ than I ever give you:

Hailing from the Dragon Ball Super anime, Kefla is a Saiyan fusion between Caulifla and Kal, and she looks very buff and speedy and explodey.

You can play the her a little bit early too if you buy the new FighterZ season three pass - two days early on the day season three starts, that is. You'll have to wait until spring to get your hands on that shiny looking Goku though.

As well as these lovely new characters, it's also been revealed the game is getting a "Z Assist Select", which basically means you can pick which assists your fighters use. Bandai Namco are also "making adjustments that prevent one sided games and a specific feature that gives users a chance even with one character left," they said on Twitter.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available on Steam and Humble for PC, as well as PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, with season three kicking off on February 26th.

I don't know anything else about Dragon Ball FighterZ so I am going to stop writing about it now. Brendan knows things about it though and he thinks it's one of the best fighting games on PC.

Aron Garst also knows things about it and thought it was pretty great in his Dragon Ball FighterZ review: "Arc System Works has managed to capture the complicated nature of Goku’s adventures and simplify the fighting systems found in previous games, boiling it all down into an incredibly clear and concise package."

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Dragon Ball FighterZ

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