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Dragon Ball FighterZ debuts six more DLC characters starting January 31st

Dragon Ball's ultimate power couple

There's another six DLC characters headed to excellent anime fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ, and (so far), only half a Goku confirmed. Announced after last night's Red Bull-sponsored Dragon Ball FighterZ tourney finals, Arc System Works unveiled the second FighterZ pass. The first two characters - feisty lass Videl and chunky alien lad Jiren - are launching this Thursday, January 31st. The next two will be an alternate version of Broly from the recent Dragon Ball Super film and Gogeta, an alternate Goku/Vegeta fusion. The final two are yet to be unveiled. See them in action in the trailer below.

Beefy boy Jiren is an alien superhero from another universe, and sadly that's all that's really to be said about him. He's large, has a shiny bald head and fights for justice. You know how people talk (incorrectly) about Superman being a very boring and one-note character? That's what Jiren actually is. Far more interesting is Videl, a mere mortal human and daughter of Mr Satan. A skilled martial artist, she's married to Gohan, who appears in many of her moves dressed up as his goofball superhero alter-ego, The Great Saiyaman. All things being equal in FighterZ, she's able to teleport around and get in some solid hits, but her most impressive moves are when she tags in her other half.

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As for Gogeta and Broly, my main interest is in how they compare to their alternate selves. The game already has Vegito (a Vegeta/Goku fusion, putting Vegeta in the driving seat), while Gogeta seems more Goku-like. Credit where it's due, they've done a good job of differentiating different versions of the characters so far, but I'd have loved to see more B-list (C-list? D?) characters like Mr Satan before any more Gokus. Broly Redux is a given, though, as he's the villain of a just recently released new Dragon Ball Super movie.

Also dropped during the tournament was a teaser trailer for yet another Dragon Ball Z game, this time an action RPG of some description - it doesn't even have a proper title yet. Beyond that and some nice scenery shown in the trailer below, all we know is that it's being developed by CyberConnect2, the crew behind the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series. They also did Asura's Wrath, which is absolutely in need of a PC remaster - can we get one of those please, Capcom?

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The new Dragon Ball FighterZ characters will cost £4/€5/$5 each, or available in a bundle for $25 (no UK/EU price announced yet). Jiren and Videl arrive on January 31st, and there's no set date on anything else.

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