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Dauntless crafting guide - how to craft grenades, potions, and pylons

Hey, uhh... Got any Stamina Tonics? Asking for a friend...

Dauntless really wants you to be prepared for the upcoming hunts. Not only have they supplied you with a wide variety of different weapons, armour, perks, and lanterns with which to create your builds, but you're also able to use the gatherables you find on each island to craft grenades, potions, and pylons aplenty. Our Dauntless crafting and supplies guide will walk you through the recipes for each different craftable in the game, along with a full list of all crafting reagents and how you can easily gather them in large quantities.

This grenade- and potion-crafting guide is just one part of our larger guides series on Dauntless, all of which you can peruse from our central Dauntless guide & tips hub. There you'll find in-depth beginner's explanations and useful tips, as well as links to every other part of our series, from the best Dauntless weapons and Dauntless cells/perks to strategies on defeating each of the Dauntless Behemoths, and much more.

Dauntless crafting guide - grenades, potions, reagents

This is a guide filled with tables. We've got one for all the grenades, one for all the potions, one for all the pylons, and one for all the crafting reagents you need to craft everything else. To skip ahead to a particular table, simply click any of the links below.

Dauntless crafting guide

Dauntless grenades & explodables list
Dauntless potions list
Dauntless pylons list
Dauntless reagents list (crafting materials)

Dauntless grenades & explodables list

Grenades are the fun, visceral part of crafting in Dauntless. Each of the following grenades can be crafted by talking to Janek Zai (he of Repeater crafting fame) in Ramsgate, and can be equipped onto your hotbar like any other supplies from your Loadout screen. To use one, all you need to do is hold down the corresponding button for that hotbar slot, which will bring up a targeting overlay so you can aim your throw; and then release the button to let the grenade fly.

ImageNameEffectMax Per HuntCrafting Materials
Barrage GrenadeThrow a grenade that deals 250 damage before splitting into 3 grenades, each dealing 120 damage.5Omnistone (x1), Wrathwort (x3)
Coldsnap GrenadeThrow a grenade that deals 150 frost damage before splitting into 8 icy orbs that deal 40 frost damage each.5Omnistone (x1), Slayer's Boon (x2)
Inferno GrenadeThrow a grenade that deals 150 blaze damage and creates a pool of fire that deals 360 blaze damage over 4 seconds.5Omnistone (x1), Slayer's Boon (x2)
Concussive GrenadeThrow a grenade that deals 300 damage and can interrupt Behemoths.3Omnistone (x1), Slayer's Boon (x2)
Transfusion GrenadeThrow a grenade that deals 300 damage and can interrupt Behemoths.3Omnistone (x1), Heart Lily (x2)
Airstrike BeaconTargets an area on the ground for an airstrike, dealing 2100 damage to all Behemoths inside the area.1Dashleaf (x3), Wrathwort (x3), Phoenix Opal (x3)

Dauntless potions list

Potions are for sure the most important supplies you can craft in Dauntless. While your Healing Flasks auto-refill at the start of every hunt, if you want to benefit from the effects of any of the other brews listed below, you'll need to craft'em in Ramsgate by speaking to Markus Boehr (he of the excellent facial hair). He's easy to spot, being right in front of you when you spawn into Ramsgate.

ImageNameEffectMax Per HuntCrafting Materials
Healing FlaskRestores 425 health five times per hunt and may revive the slayer once per hunt. Refills upon return to Ramsgate.5Available from start, refills with each new hunt.
Aetherdrive TonicGrants 100% increased Lantern generation from all sources for 60 seconds.5Dashleaf (x1), Phoenix Opal (x2)
Assault TonicGrants 40% increased Stagger damage dealt for 60 seconds.5Wrathwort (x1), Slayer's Boon (x1)
Blitz TonicGrants between 10% to 30% increased attack speed based on health missing for 60 seconds.5Dashleaf (x2), Wrathwort (x2)
Frenzy TonicGrants 15% increased damage dealt for 60 seconds. Grants 30% if a Behemoth is enraged.5Skybloom (x2), Wrathwort (x2)
Insight TonicGrants 40% increased Wound damage dealt for 60 seconds.5Wrathwort (x1), Slayer's Boon (x1)
Bulwark TonicReduces damage taken by 45% for the next 3 hits.3Skybloom (x2), Ironthistle (x2),
Lifedrain Tonic8% of all damage dealt will heal all nearby Slayers for 30 seconds.3Heart Lily (x1), Phoenix Opal (x1)
Stamina TonicGrants 50% increased stamina regen and 50% reduced stamina costs for 120 seconds.3Skybloom (x2), Dashleaf (x1)


Dauntless pylons list

Pylons, depending on your experience with Dauntless, are a branch of crafting supplies you may not yet have heard about. That's because you'll need to get through a number of the aforementioned Markus Boehr's personal quests before you will be able to craft them. Once placed on the ground during a hunt, each one will provide a different manner of buff to those within its area of effect. They're honestly a little underpowered in my opinion at this time, but if you're interested in trying them out, then take a look below.

ImageNameEffectMax Per HuntCrafting Materials
Inspiring PylonPlace a pylon that grants 25% increased damage dealt to all nearby Slayers for 45 seconds.2Wrathwort (x1), Omnistone (x3)
Ironhide PylonPlace a pylon that grants 40% decreased damage taken to all nearby Slayers for 45 seconds.2Ironthistle (x1), Omnistone (x3)
Lifespring PylonPlace a pylon that restores 15 health per second to nearby slayers for 30 seconds.2Heart Lily (x1), Omnistone (x3)


Dauntless reagents list (crafting materials)

And finally, the reagents. The crafting materials you must gather in order to craft any of the items listed above. It's very easy to obtain pretty much all of the below resources just by exploring each island a little. Most islands I've found to hold at least 5-6 different types of plants and ores for your use - but if you really want to gather a particular reagent as quickly as possible, your best bet is to complete the relevant Patrol mission a bunch of times, because aside from anything you collect during the hunt, you're guaranteed a couple of the below items as a reward for completing the mission.

DashleafAn ingredient in potions that enhance a Slayer's speedNeutral, Terra
Heart LilyAn ingredient common in potions that restore a Slayer's healthFrost
IronthistleAn ingredient in potions that enhance a Slayer's protection from harmBlaze
OmnistoneA key component in aetheric pylon constructionNone
Phoenix OpalAn ingredient in many potions and aetheric devicesNone
SkybloomAn ingredient in many alchemical potionsBlaze, Shock
Slayer's BoonAn ingredient in potions that improve a Slayer's weapon attacksFrost, Shock
WarthwortAn ingredient in potions that increase a Slayer's power to inflict damageNeutral, Terra

And that's all the info we have for the time being on crafting supplies in Dauntless. Hopefully now you know how to sort your Blitz Tonics from your Bulwark Tonics, your Pylons from your Phoenix Opals, your Inferno Grenades from your Airstrikes. Happy hunting!

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