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Dead Cells buffs out its Bestiary in this week's free update

The Worst Zoo

Please don't touch the exhibits. Stab 'em, shoot 'em, or trap 'em with poisoned arrows? Sure, but please do not touch them. They're riled up enough as is. This week's free Bestiary Update brings nasty new foes to roguelite slash 'em up Dead Cells, alongside new tools to face them with and an overhaul to The Bad Seed's botanical wing. But once again, please. No touching.

The Bestiary, shockingly, adds some new beasts and baddies to Dead Cells', uh, bestiary. Evil Empire reckoned the current rogue's gallery was beginning to spread a little thin, and have added six new foes to the lineup - three biome-specific, and three spread around at various boss cells.

Oh, the devs haven't revealed what they are, exactly. Instead, they offered some tantalising gifs over on their update announcement post, including this snappy little crab soldier.

The Bestiary also brings with it 11 new affixes, addons that can be slapped onto active abilities to make them a little bit spicier. There are eight normals and three starred, ranging from one that instantly refreshes your arrows to the ability to pop out a grenade or firestorm whenever a trap is activated.

Besides these additions though, much of The Bestiary is invested in improving Dead Cells' latest DLC, The Bad Seed. Several new "Lore" rooms and secrets have been scattered around its Arboretum and Morass areas. On top of that, mob populations, behaviours and level layouts have been adjusted to help make those regions a little less punishing, in the aim of making them make them "feel more Dead Cells".

The Bad Seed also offers two new outfits and eight new achievements, on top of a new skin and two more generalised 'cheevos for the base game. Finally, there's a hefty drop of balance changes available over on the Dead Cells patch notes - with a nice little tag gesturing at changes suggested by the dungeon-delving community. Nice gesture, that.

Not the biggest update, then. But one the devs feel is an important one to "flesh out the existing parts of Dead Cells before we introduce new pieces of larger content."

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