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Deep Rock Galactic is free to play in full on Steam this weekend

Left 4 Dead meets Minecraft, in space

If you're looking for a spot of jolly cooperation this weekend, other than Elden Ring, round up the crew and get rowdy in Deep Rock Galactic. The excellent cooperative FPS, where we play as spaceDwarves gathering spacegems and battling spacebugs in destructible spacemines, is holding a free trial weekend on Steam to celebrate its fourth birthday. It is a (rock) cracking game.

Deep Rock Galactic entered early access in February 2018, then launched in full in May 2020. The semi-birthday celebrations also include an in-game event with a special assignment and special hats. Balloons, too. It's earned the festivities; game's a good'un.

"The high level concept for this game is Left 4 Dead meets Minecraft, both undeniably influential games that, personally, I don't have much enthusiasm for," Nic Reuben said in our Deep Rock Galactic review after the full launch. "Let me tell you why Deep Rock Galactic - a game that the phrase 'more than the sum of its parts' could have been invented for - is an absolute gem." You'll have to read that for his explanation.

Since then, developers Ghost Ship Games have kept updating DRG with new missions, new weapons, official mod support, a free battle pass, and loads more.

The free trial weekend runs on Steam until 6pm on Monday. The game's on sale for keepsies this weekend too, half-price down to £12.49/€14.99/$14.99. The cosmetic DLC packs are also discounted, with 50% cuts on all but the newest (which has a 30% discount). The devs really are good to this game and its players.

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Deep Rock Galactic

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