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How to get more Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal: Drop rates, crafting, and gem trading explained

Perfect your build with these rare items

Trying to get more Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal? Legendary Gems are the most important piece of character customization in Diablo Immortal and form the basis of all your builds. They are also the primary gear grind and will require a lot of time (or money) to earn.

There are a few different ways to acquire the Legendary Gems you’re looking for, some more efficient than others. In this guide, we’ll cover all the ways to acquire Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal, plus some of the top Legendary Gems for players to target.

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What do Legendary Gem stars mean?

Star ratings denote the rarity and relative power of Legendary Gems. There are three tiers of Legendary Gems; 1, 2, and 5-star. 5-star gems are the rarest and most powerful, while 1-star gems are the weakest and most common.

However, 5-star gems can drop without all 5 stars filled, creating another layer of rarity and power. For example, 5-star gems with only 2 out of 5 stars are weaker than full 5-star gems, but also far more common.

Best Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal

Below are some of the best Legendary Gems at each star tier in Diablo Immortal. Start your build with some of the best 1-star Legendary Gems then work your way up in rarity as you acquire better gems.

Best 1-star Legendary Gems

  • Everlasting Torment
  • Freedom and Devotion
  • Lo’s Focused Gaze
  • Respite Stone
  • Trickshot Gem
  • Zod Stone

Best 2-star Legendary Gems

  • Battleguard
  • Cutthroat’s Grin
  • Fervant Fang
  • Unity Crystal

Best 5-star Legendary Gems

  • Blessing of the Worthy
  • Blood-Soaked Jade
  • Chip of Stone Flesh
  • Echoing Shade
  • Seeping Bile
Legendary Gem drop rates from Elder Rifts as of 3 June 2022 in Diablo Immortal

How to get Legendary Gems from Elder Rifts

Elder Rifts are the primary source of Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal. If you aren't familiar with Elder Rifts yet, check out our guide to Rifts in Diablo Immortal for more info. By default, Elder Rifts don’t actually drop Legendary Gems. To get Legendary Gems from an Elder Rift, you will need to apply one or more Rare or Legendary Crests.

You can get one Rare Crest for free per day at the Elder Rift portal in Westmarch, and buy up to two more per day from the Hilts Trader. Legendary Crests are far more limited; you can only buy one per month from the Hilts Trader and will need to spend real money to get more.

Rare Crests add a small chance for a 1-star Legendary Gem, and a guarantee for Runes, which you can use to craft Legendary Gems. Legendary Crests add a guarantee for a Legendary Gem, heavily weighted towards 1-star gems, as well as the same Runes as Rare Crests. All crests increased the number of Fading Embers you receive. You can then use Fading Embers to craft a small pool of Runes.

How to craft Legendary Gems using Runes

You can use any Runes you drop or craft to create Legendary Gems at any Apprentice Jeweler. 1 and 2-star Legendary Gems are directly craftable and require specific combinations of Runes to make.

5-star gems cannot be crafted directly. For a chance at a 5-star Legendary Gem, you will need to spend Fa Runes on the “Random Legendary Gem” option.

How to upgrade Legendary Gems

There are two components required to upgrade Legendary Gems. The first is Gem Power, which you get by dismantling spare Legendary Gems at the Apprentice Jeweler. The second is duplicate Legendary Gems of the same type. Duplicates are not required for all upgrade levels, but higher levels and higher rarity gems require more duplicates to upgrade. This makes upgrading 5-star gems particularly time-consuming.

How to buy and sell Legendary Gems on the player Market

You can buy and sell Legendary Gems to and from other players at the Market in Westmarch. This is the hub of Diablo Immortal’s player trade economy. The Market uses its own unique currency called Platinum. You can acquire Platinum by selling items on the Market or buy it with real money from the cash shop.

You can list Legendary Gems, regular gems, and Skill Stones on the Market using the Sell tab. If you wish to sell items in your stash, you will need to pull them out to your main inventory first. You can browse listings of gems in the buy tab if you wish to make a purchase.

5-star Legendary Gem fill rates as of 3 Junes 2022 in Diablo Immortal

Can you get all 5-Star Legendary Gems?

Not with all stars filled, no. We’ve done the math, and acquiring one copy of all 5-Star Legendary Gems, agnostic of their individual stars counts, will require hundreds of combined Legendary Crests and random gem crafts. Acquiring all 5-Star Legendary Gems with all 5 stars filled is improbable to the point of being functionally impossible.

With the extremely generous assumption that all 5-star gems carry the same value on the Market, functionally protecting you from duplicates by allowing you to exchange them one-for-one for a gem you don’t have, it would still take over 23,000 combined Legendary Crests and random gem crafts to acquire all ten fully-filled 5-star Legendary Gems, on average. Of course, you can sell lower-tier gems on the Market to earn platinum and speed things along. However, their value is a fraction of a full 5-star. You will also need to dismantle a lot of gems for Gem Power to upgrade the Legendary Gems you are currently using. Plus, you're going to need copies of your 5-star gems to fully upgrade them, adding another few thousands crests and crafts to the equation.

So, players should plan to use mostly 2-star Legendary Gems with one or two 5-star Legendary gems without all stars, and our future build guides will refelct that. The “perfect” full 5-star build is certainly enticing, but no amount of time or money will realistically get you there.

That’s your introduction to Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal! These are the game’s primary chase items, so get familiar (but perhaps not too attached to any specific 5-stars). If you’re having a character crisis, check out our Diablo Immortal tier list! For help getting a party going, see our guides on how to play with friends and make a clan in Diablo Immortal.

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