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Best Diablo Immortal Wizard build: Best attributes, skills, gear, and gems for the Wizard

Conjure up a firestorm with the best Diablo Immortal Wizard build

Looking for the best Wizard build in Diablo Immortal? The Wizard is a bit of a glass cannon but packs the highest AoE damage in Diablo Immortal. If you want to blast through monster packs as fast as possible, the Wizard is the best class for you. That damage helps the Wizard fit into dungeon-delving groups across all difficulties.

The class can be a little tricky to play, but we’ll help you get started with this guide to the attributes, skills, gear, and gems needed for the best Diablo Immortal Wizard build. We'll also explain how to spend your Paragon points when you reach max level.

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Best Diablo Immortal Wizard build

The best Wizard build in Diablo Immortal is the Arcane AoE Wizard build.

In group play, most Wizards go all-in on AoE burst damage. The class has a few crowd control options that work well in solo play and PvP, but otherwise goes all damage, all the time. Our Arcane AoE Wizard build is intended for group content and will focus on damage, but works well in a variety of content. Some of these abilities also change mechanically based on Legendary gear choices, which we will detail further down.

Below, you will find the best attributes, skills, gear, gems, and how to spend your Paragon points for the best Diablo Immortal Wizard build.

Best Diablo Immortal Wizard attributes

There are 5 attributes in Diablo Immortal: Intelligence, Strength, Willpower, Vitality, and Fortitude. Each attribute point raises your Combat Rating by 1. Combat Rating is a background stat you can view in the “more attributes” section of your inventory, and increases or decreases your damage based on how it compares to the Combat Rating of monsters you hit. This becomes critical as you raise the difficulty after level 60.

Wizard’s main attribute is Intelligence, which means that Intelligence grants additional damage per point. Wizard’s attribute priorities are:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Fortitude
  3. Vitality
  4. Willpower
  5. Strength

Fortitude grants Armor and Armor Penetration, making it a great secondary stat for added damage and survivability. Vitality adds to your life total and can help your Wizard feel slightly less squishy. Willpower grants Potency and Resistance, increasing the duration and debuffs you inflict and reducing the duration of debuffs on you. Strength has no effect on the Wizard beyond the inherent +1 Combat Rating, making it your lowest priority.

Generally, you should try to equip gear with the highest attribute total to raise your Combat Rating as much as possible, while prioritizing stats in the order above. You can use Essence Transfer to get the best attribute rolls you find onto the Legendary gear types that fit the build.

A Wizard fights in PvP in Diablo Immortal

Best Diablo Immortal Wizard skills

Each class in Diablo Immortal has a variety of skills and can equip four skills plus one main skill at a time. Your main skill functions as both an auto-attack and an ultimate ability, and will help you maintain DPS while your other skills are on cooldown.

The best skills for our Wizard build are:

  • Main skill: Magic Missle (unlocked at level 1)
  • Meteor (Unlocked at level 41)
  • Arcane Wind (unlocked at level 2)
  • Disintegrate (unlocked at level 28)
  • Teleport (unlocked at level 15)

Magic Missile

Magic Missile is the best Wizard main skill for single-target damage. You’re going to get plenty of AoE coverage from your other skills, so take Magic Missile to help in boss fights. The ultimate version of Magic Missile is Ice Missile, which deals more damage and slows enemies on hit.

The description of the Magic Missile main ability for the Wizard in Diablo Immortal


Meteor has a huge AoE, great upfront damage, a stun effect, and a lingering damage-over-time field. It's everything you want out of a Wizard skill in one package. Meteor is a huge source of damage on its own, and the burning effect combos perfectly into Arcane Wind.

Arcane Wind

Arcane Wind is a charged ability that deals damage in a cone. Charging longer increases the range and damage of Arcane Wind. If Arcane Wind hits burning enemies, it deals 50% increased damage. Drop a Meteor on your foes then follow up with Arcane Wind for one of the most potent one-two combos in Diablo Immortal.


Disintegrate is a channeled beam that deals damage and applies a debuff to enemies. That debuff causes them to take 2% increased damage, and can stack up to five times. As a channeled ability with a meter instead of a cooldown, Disintegrate is great for dealing damage while Meteor and Arcane Wind are on cooldown. Plus, the debuff will boost your next combo and any incoming damage from your teammates.


Teleport is a simple blink with three charges. Cast to instantly teleport to a targeted location. Teleport is fantastic for mobility and will help you dodge deadly attacks in boss fights.

A Wizard drops a Meteor in Diablo Immortal

Best Diablo Immortal Wizard gear

Legendary gear in Diablo Immortal can alter skills in powerful ways. You will eventually equip a full set of Legendary items in your main slots, and should always look for gear that impacts the skills you use. The best Legendary items for our Diablo Immortal Wizard build are:

  • Helmet: Lyan’s Resonant Wisdom
  • Chest: Starcaller’s Drapery
  • Shoulders: Arcane Intensifiers
  • Legs: Galebringer’s Leggings
  • Main Hand: DWindshaper
  • Off Hand: Unrepentant Gale

Half of this loadout is dedicated to buffing up Arcane Wind to maximize your combo damage. Galebringer’s Leggings increase Arcane Wind’s damage by 10% and Unrepentant Gale gives the skill an extra charge, allowing you to cast it far more often. The Windshaper staff ties it all together, turning the cone into a tornado that will follow enemies and deal repeated damage. Let an Arcane Wind tornado rip through your Meteor’s burning field and watch enemies melt.

Starcaller’s Drapery makes Meteor’s burning area larger, smoothing out the combo a bit. Arcane Intensifiers add a delay to Disintegrate but increase the power of its debuff for improved team damage. If you don’t have Arcane Intensifiers or are playing solo, you can also use Shoulders of the Cataclysm for improved Meteor damage.

Finally, use the Lyan’s Resonant Wisdom helmet, which causes Teleport to create a lightning field that deals damage over time. If you’re struggling to evade enemies, you can also try the Mask of Illusions, which grants invisibility after teleporting.

You can substitute other Legendary gear that improves these skills in slots where you don’t have the best item. To gather the best gear faster, check out our Legendary gear farming guide. That guide will also help you track down Set items for your secondary slots.

A Wizard hurls a Scorch spell in Diablo Immortal

Best Wizard gear set

For Wizard, we recommend using four pieces from the Issatar Imbued Set combined with two pieces from the Windloft Perfection Set. That will grant you the following bonus.

  • Issatar Imbued 2/6: Each time you defeat an enemy, gain 30% increased movement speed for 2 seconds.
  • Issatar Imbued 4/6: Gain 2.5% increased damage for every 5% increased movement speed, up to a maximum of 25% increased damage.
  • Windloft Perfection 2/6: Gain Thousand Winds when you take damage, increasing your movement speed by 15% for 3 seconds.

Combining these two Sets grants loads of movement speed to help you evade damage and mitigate Wizard’s low health and defenses. You will also gain tons of damage from the Issatar Imbued 4/6 bonus, especially when Thousand Winds activates.

A Wizard doing battle in Diablo Immortal

Best Diablo Immortal Wizard gems

All of your primary gear will have one socket for Legendary Gems, which are a further layer of customization. These Gems provide powerful bonuses but can take some serious time to acquire. Gems are divided into 1, 2, and 5-star rarities, with 5-star gems being extremely difficult to acquire, especially for free players. Below we’ll list off the best Legendary Gems for the Wizard, with several 1 and 2-star options you can substitute for any missing 5-stars. Players should not expect to have more than one 5-star gem available to them (if any) for at least the first several months.

  • Blood-Soaked Jade (5-star): Increases all damage you deal by up to 8% and your movement speed by 10%. The damage bonus scales with your Life stat.
  • Seeping Bile (5-star): Your attacks have a 4% chance to poison enemies, inflicting 25% base damage + 263 every second for 6 seconds. This poison spreads to nearby enemies if the victim dies.
  • Everlasting Torment (1-star): Your critical hits inflict an agony debuff that deals damage over time.
  • Fervent Fang (2-star): Damaging an enemy increases all damage it takes from you, stacking up to ten times.
  • Berserker’s Eye (1-star): Increases your damage and critical hit chance, but also increases the damage you take.
  • Cutthroat’s Grin (2-star): Gain damage and crit chance when attacking from behind..
  • Chained Death (1-star): Increases damage of your attacks by 1.5% per enemy hit, up to a maximum of 4.5%

To farm up Runes and craft the affordable options here, check out our guide to Diablo Immortal's Elder Rifts and Legendary Crests. As mentioned above, some of those gems will prove incredibly hard to find. 5-star Legendary Gems, such as the Blood-Soaked Jade, will be rarer than rare for those who want to play Diablo Immortal without spending extra money. If you want to know how much it might cost to get those gems, Rebecca has created a comprehensive guide on how much it really costs to play Diablo Immortal.

Your secondary equipment will have sockets for normal gems, which grant flat stat bonuses. Each socket has a color that dictates what type of gems it can take. We recommend using Tourmaline in red slots for increased damage, Sapphire in blue slots for increased armor penetration, and Topaz in yellow slots for improved resistances. If you’re feeling squishy, swap some Tourmaline for Ruby to gain some life.

How to spend Paragon points for the Diablo Immortal Wizard

When you reach max level, which is currently level 60 in Diablo Immortal, you will start to earn Paragon levels. Paragon levels reward you with Paragon points, a new form of skill point that you can invest into various upgrades across six Paragon trees. Some of those upgrades will permanently boost various stats and stack between trees, while others are specialisation skills that will only take effect if you activate their specific Paragon tree. You can only have one Paragon tree active at a time, so you'll want to know the best Paragon tree for a Wizard in Diablo Immortal if you want to excel in endgame activities.

Below, you can find the six Paragon trees in Diablo Immortal and when they unlock:

  • Survivor: Unlocked at Paragon level 1
  • Vanquisher: Unlocked at Paragon level 1
  • Treasure Hunter: Unlocked at Paragon level 50
  • Gladiator: Unlocked at Paragon level 100
  • Soldier: Unlocked at Paragon level 150
  • Mastermind: Unlocked at Paragon level 150

The best Paragon tree to activate for the Wizard is the Mastermind tree, but that remains locked until you reach Paragon level 150. Until that point, we recommend focusing on unlocking any permanent nodes across all of the other trees. Since it might take a while to reach Paragon level 150, we also suggest activating the Vanquisher tree and unlocking all of its specialisation skills in the meantime. If you really want to boost your XP gain to earn Paragon points faster, you could also activate the Treasure Hunter Paragon tree, but be aware that this does not improve your combat effectiveness and is not a good long-term pick.

When investing your Paragon points into other trees, focus on unlocking permanent nodes that offer increases to damage, life, and armor. These are all essential stats for a Wizard and will ensure that your AoE abilities deal the most possible damage while helping you survive the hordes of hell.

That wraps up our guide on the best Diablo Immortal Wizard build. If you want to team up with pals in hell, make sure to check out our guide on how to play Diablo Immortal with friends and how to make a clan in Diablo Immortal. To make sure everything is running smoothly as you wade through the demon hordes, take a look at James' Diablo Immortal PC performance guide.

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