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Everyone's least favourite Diablo game gets the series' first new class in nearly a decade

The half-man half-vampire Blood Knights are available now but not in the Diablo you might want

A Blood Knight fights demons in artwork for Diablo Immortal
Image credit: Blizzard

Starting today, you can play as Diablo’s first new class in almost ten years. The Blood Knights are a group of spear-wielding warriors who survived vampire bites and were saved just before the curse fully took over. Sounds badass but the new class is only available in Diablo Immortal, meaning demon-slayers will need to give Diablo 4 a break to play with the fresh bloodsuckers.

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The Blood Knight class is available to all players for free and there’s also a new quest line that explains their situation. Put simply, they’re not having fun. Tormented, in pain, fighting the urge to turn into a raging monster and eat people. Blood Knights do get a host of cool abilities, however, so the trade seems pretty fair.

Blood Knights can transform into a horrible creature called the Abomination, which temporarily boosts your stats and gives you access to other skills. When you’re in normal kind-of-human form, you can summon bats, syphon enemy blood, and do all the area-of-effect slashing you’d expect.

The admittedly cool-sounding class is unfortunately exclusive to Diablo Immortal, a controversial free-to-play version of the series primarily made for mobile (which led us to wonder why it was even on PC.) But the backlash mainly stemmed from its not-really-free-to-play nature, as getting the very best gear could cost you up to $46,000, or $51,000.

Regardless, the half-man half-vampire class was announced last week during Blizzard's livestream. That stream also detailed the newest additions to Diablo 4, which includes the Season Of The Malignant update, the game’s first battle pass, and some new ways to mod your characters. Our Diablo 4 review said it was “very well made” despite some been-there-done-that monotony. So hopefully the Blood Knights can make their way over to Diablo 4 at some point, too.

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