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Doom Eternal's launch trailer has risen, a little early

What were you saying about Rip Torn?

While Doom Eternal will not launch until next week, the launch trailer has ripped and torn through the pages of the calendar to show us its sights early. Ah sure, go on, I'll take a little ultraviolence now to tide me over. A little plasma to warm my hands in these tumultuous last days of winter. A small swell of screams to drown out the noise of the road. Just a splash of blood to wet my lips. That'll do. I'm sure Animal Crossing's Isabelle will be thrilled for her pal. See the trailer below.

I do like that technoangelic style.

Doom Eternal will launch next Friday, March 20th on Steam and, priced at £50/€60/$60. Ray tracing jazz is due to be added some time after launch.

March 20th will also bring the long-overdue PC release of Doom 64, a 1997 sequel to Doom II from Midway for the Nintendo 64. I hear good things about it! It's being touched-up by the resurrection men at Nightdive Studios, who are also adding a brand new extra chapter. Doom 64 is a pre-order bonus for Doom Eternal but will be sold separately too.

Oh, and I'd missed this video from last week, about assembling a choir of bona fide metal musicians for the soundtrack. Great idea.

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