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Elden Ring Legendary Armament locations: How to earn the Legendary Armaments achievement

Where to find every Legendary Armament in Elden Ring

Looking for the locations of every Legendary Armament in Elden Ring? There are nine unique Legendary Armaments in Elden Ring, each of which you will need for the Legendary Armaments achievement. Some of these are also extraordinarily powerful and are worth tracking down even if you aren’t an achievement hunter. There are also cutoff points and quest fail-states after which some of these weapons are no longer attainable, so make sure to grab them before it's too late. If you want to gather all nine and earn the achievement, this page will guide you to every Legendary Armament in Elden Ring.

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Every Legendary Armament in Elden Ring

Grafted Blade Greatsword location

The Grafted Blade Greatsword is the first Legendary Armament most players are likely to find. To earn it, you just need to defeat the Leonine Misbegotten boss in Castle Morne, on the southern tip of the Weeping Peninsula. This is an early game zone, and if you’re just getting started it makes a nice warmup for Stormveil Castle. You’ll also need the Grafted Blade Greatsword for Irina and Edgar’s quest, so be sure to grab it.

The location of the Sword of Night and Flame in Caria Manor, Northwest Liurnia in Elden Ring

Sword of Night and Flame location

The Sword of Night and Flame is one of the best weapons in Elden Ring, even after a nerf. You can find this powerful Intelligence/Faith combo weapon in Caria Manor. Follow the ramparts from the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace until you find a series of smaller buildings to the north. One of these has a trap door and a ladder in the center. Jump down across the roofs and climb down the ladder to find a chest containing the Sword of Night and Flame. If you want to use this top-tier weapon, check out our Sword of Night and Flame build guide.

Ruins Greatsword loacation

The Ruins Greatsword is one of the trickier weapons on this list to acquire, depending on how far into Elden Ring you’ve progressed. You can acquire the Ruins Greatsword by defeating the Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight dual boss in Castle Redmane. The trouble is, the fight isn’t always available.

If you arrive at Castle Redmane early on, you will find the bosses in a courtyard in the northeastern corner of the castle. However, this same courtyard eventually becomes the gathering site for the Radahn festival, which kicks off the Starscourge Radahn boss fight. There seem to be several ways to trigger the festival, including starting Ranni’s quest, acquiring a second Great Rune, and visiting Altus Plateau. You can try to defeat the two bosses before then, but they’re pretty tough for this stage of the game.

Once the festival starts, you’ll need to defeat Radahn before you can access the Warrior/Crucible Knight fight again. Beat Radahn, then speak to Jerren in the church until he tells you he’ll be leaving soon. Reload the area and the fog door on the arena should be back. Step through to find the boss fight.

Unfortunately, this intended method doesn’t always seem to work. We’ve had multiple characters speak to Jerren without the fight returning. I personally had to go through the same conversation multiple times before it finally worked. As best we can tell, this is just a bug. If you want to be sure you get the achievement, you may need to get the Ruins Greatsword before defeating Radahn. We will update this guide if a reliable workaround is discovered.

Left: an illustration of the Marais Executioner's Sword from Elden Ring. Right: the player character holding the same weapon against a Limgrave background.

Marais Executioner's Sword location

The extremely cool Marais Executioner’s Sword can fly through the air to strike enemies from range. If you’ve fought a Bell Bearing Hunter, you’ll recognize it instantly. You can earn the sword for yourself by defeating Elemer of the Briar, the boss of the Shaded Castle in northern Altus Plateau. You’ll find him at the very top of the castle’s towers.

Dark Moon Greatsword location

The Dark Moon Greatsword requires by far the biggest time investment, but it's well worth hunting down. This Legendary Armament is the final reward from the Ranni quest. You’ll need to defeat Radahn, acquire the Cursemark of Death, find the Ranni Doll in Ainsel River, and then defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void to reach the Moonlight Altar. Visit our full Ranni quest guide for a detailed walkthrough.

Bolt of Gransax location

The Bolt of Gransax is the easiest Legendary Armament to miss, as it becomes completely unobtainable after you defeat Maliketh in Crumbling Farum Azula. You will find this weapon on a giant spear that juts from the ground in Leyndell, near the massive dragon corpse. First, defeat Godfrey the Golden near the top of the city. Then, take the elevator west of the Erdree Sanctuary Grace down to a lower balcony. Jump down onto the spear to find the Bolt of Gransax. If you reach Crumbling Farum Azula before picking up this Legendary Armament, be sure to go back for it before taking on Maliketh.

Eclipse Shotel location

The Eclipse Shotel is one of the simplest Legendary Armaments to find, though it is in a late-game area. Head to Castle Sol in the northwest Mountaintops of the Giants. Inside, you’ll find the Church of the Eclipse Site of Grace after progressing past some ethereal knights. The Eclipse Shotel is in a chest in front of the altar in the Church of the Eclipse.

Cave of the Forlorn Grace in Elden Ring

Golden Order Greatsword location

The Faith-scaling Golden Order Greatsword requires you to take on another Misbegotten boss, albeit much, much later in the game. In the eastern Consecrated Snowfield, you will find a side dungeon called the Cave of the Forlorn. At the end is Misbegotten Crusader, who will drop the Golden Order Greatsword.

Devourer's Sceptre location

The Devourer’s Sceptre is another tricky one, and the quest that rewards it actually used to have multiple fail states. One of these still exists, but the second was thankfully removed. The Devourer’s Sceptre Legendary Armament is the final reward for the Knight Bernahl quest. A few steps involve speaking to Bernahl in Volcano Manor, and you must complete all of these before defeating Rykard. Otherwise, Bernahl will leave the Manor and the quest will fail.

Once you’ve completed Bernahl’s Volcano Manor assassination contracts and exhausted all his dialogue, head to Crumbling Farum Azula’s Beside the Great Bridge Site of Grace. Instead of following the bridge up to Maliketh’s arena, head down and turn right to find a ladder to another bridge. At the end of this bridge, Bernahl will invade you. Defeat him to earn the Devourer’s Sceptre.

How to fix the Legendary Armaments achievement not unlocking bug

If you’re gathering all nine Legendary Armaments for the achievement, there is a bug you’ll need to be aware of. Sometimes gathering all nine weapons just fails to award the achievement. Thankfully, there is an easy fix.

Rest at a Site of Grace, and then put all nine Legendary Armaments into storage. If you are on new game plus and have multiple copies of any, put all of them into storage. Doing this should fix the Legendary Armaments achievement bug and reward the achievement. If you don’t get it right away, claiming the weapons from storage and adding them back to your regular inventory should do the trick.

That's everything you need to earn the Legendary Armaments achievement in Elden Ring! If you want to try some of these weapons out, check out our guide to the best builds in Elden Ring to figure out where they might fit. If you need an appropriate armor pairing, our guide to the best armor sets in Elden Ring can help.

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