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How to get Outfits and Wind Gliders in Genshin Impact

Spice up your wardrobe with Genshin Impact's array of Outfits

Tired of staring at your party's default Outfits in Genshin Impact? We don't blame you. Luckily, a few of Genshin's characters have unlockable Outfits that you can switch between for a change of pace. And, alongside Genshin’s Wind Glider options, you can make some pretty cool combinations and turn Teyvat into your personal runway. Here’s how to get every Outfit and Wind Glider in Genshin Impact (and how to equip them).

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How to get Outfits in Genshin Impact

Keqing’s Outfit (Opulent Splendor)

Introduced in Version 2.4, Opulent Splendor is a formal version of Keqing’s normal Outfit. While it can only be purchased with Genesis Crystals, it’s on sale right now as part of the Lantern Rite event, so you’ll be able to snag it for the reduced price of 1,350 Genesis Crystals rather than the usual 1,680, which will be the regular price after Version 2.4.

Ningguang’s Outfit (Orchid’s Evening Gown)

Ningguang’s formal Outfit, Orchid’s Evening Gown, is obtainable for free to players who participate in the Fleeting Colors in Flight event. By obtaining 2,400 Affluence Talismans, 2,200 Immaculate Talismans, and 1,800 Conquest Talismans, you’ll receive Ningguang’s Outfit for free. Nice!

After this event ends and Version 2.5 releases, you unfortunately won’t be able to get Ningguang’s Outfit for free anymore. Instead, it’ll go up in the Character Outfit Shop for the usual price of 1,680 Genesis Crystals. If you’re looking to get Orchid’s Evening Gown, now’s your chance to save some cash!

Keqing and Ningguang posing in their formal outfits in Genshin Impact.

Jean’s Outfit (Sea Breeze Dandelion)

Jean’s summer Outfit, Sea Breeze Dandelion, was introduced alongside Version 1.6. Sea Breeze Dandelion is only obtainable through the Character Outfit Shop, where you’ll be able to purchase it for 1,680 Genesis Crystals.

It’s worth noting that Sea Breeze Dandelion was released with a discounted price of 1,350 Genesis Crystals to mark Genshin’s summer event. While Jean’s Outfit is still at its priciest, there is a chance that its discounted price might see a rerun during a future update, so if you’re on a mission to save your Genesis Crystals, don’t lose hope yet!

Barbara’s Outfit (Summertime Sparkle)

Barbara’s summer Outfit, Summertime Sparkle, was initially available as a reward for completing a portion of the Echoing Tales event. Unfortunately, this playful take on her typical church attire is now only obtainable by spending 1,680 Genesis Crystals.

However, Mihoyo has a tendency to rerun popular events (like the Lantern Rite Festival from 1.3, which made a return in 2.4), and it’s possible that Echoing Tales will return to give players another shot at obtaining Summertime Sparkle for free (fingers crossed!).

Alternate Outfits

As of Version 2.4, Genshin now provides alternative Outfits for Jean (Gunnhildr's Legacy), Mona (Pact of Stars and Moon), Rosaria (To the Church’s Free Spirit), and Amber (100% Outrider). Unlike other Outfits in Genshin, these Outfits don’t fundamentally change the concept of each character’s normal Outfit — instead, they essentially serve as slightly more conservative versions of these characters’ original Outfits. While you’ll still be able to choose between the two Outfits for the playable versions of these characters, the NPC versions will be wearing the alternate Outfits in cutscenes and quests once Version 2.5 launches.

To claim these Outfits right now, simply check your in-game inbox and open the corresponding messages. You’ll receive all four of these Outfits even if you don’t have these characters, meaning you’ll have them around if you ever do pull one of these four characters. After Version 2.5 launches, these Outfits will be in your Dressing Room menu regardless of if you claimed the mail or not, so don’t worry about claiming these in time.

Venti equipped with the Wings of Azure Wind in Genshin Impact.

How to get Wind Gliders in Genshin Impact

You’ll also be able to customize your characters’ Wind Gliders after receiving your Gliding License from Amber. Here’s every Wind Glider in the game and how you can obtain it:

Wind Glider How to Unlock
Wings of First Flight Receive from Amber during the City of Freedom quest
Wings of Companionship Open mail in inbox
Wings of Descension Play from a PS4 or PS5
Wings of Azure Wind Reach Reputation Level 8 in Mondstadt
Wings of Golden Flight Reach Reputation Level 8 in Liyue
Wings of Concealing Snow Reach Frostbearing Tree Offering Level 12
Wings of the Stormstrider Reach Reputation Level 10 in Inazuma
Wings of Shimmering Galaxy Not currently available, previously obtained by opening mail in inbox
Wings of Feasting Not currently available, previously obtained by redeeming code obtained through KFC meal (China) or redeeming code obtained through Adventurers' Guild on Twitch event (globally)

How to change Outfits and Wind Gliders

Now that your wardrobe’s all spiffed up, you’ll likely want to equip your newest Outfits. To do so, head to the Character menu and click on the Dressing Room button (found on the bottom right corner of the screen). From this menu, you’ll be able to equip Outfits and Wind Gliders freely. Enjoy!

That’s all the info we’ve got on Outfits in Genshin Impact. While choosing your party based on Outfits is tempting, we can’t exactly recommend it — if you’re looking to choose a more effective team, here’s our best characters tier list and our codes guide for some free wishes.