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Hearthstone solo adventure Galakrond's Awakening awakes today

"The progenitor of all dragons"

I'm a big fan of fantasy names that sound like someone choking. Ghisteslwchlohm. Zeddicus. Tolo Ogule Thermalamerkanerat. The first chapter of Hearthstone's new adventure, Galakrond's Awakening, is out today, with a story following on from the last couple of solo adventures. As usual, you fight a series of singleplayer matches against bosses with game-shaping powers.

Less usual is how you get to play as either the goodies or the baddies, who are intent on waking up "the progenitor of all dragons". The first mission for team E.V.I.L is free.

You'll be playing as heroes or villains that have cropped up over the past year, using premade decks to biff people in the name of good or evil. I haven't been playing them but Blizzard assure me I'll "see more of the side characters (I've) grown to love", "including George and Karl". Good old Karl. Always ready with a quip and a smile.

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This is a wee bit different to The Dalaran Heist and Tombs Of Terror, where you had some choice about which order to tackle bosses. This goes back to the older, linear format. Chapters will still come out on a weekly basis, as usual.

I have enjoyed these in the past. They're low-pressure puzzles with interesting twists on Hearthstone's now overly-familiar decks and hero powers. They're also a cheaper (though still pretty dear) way of earning powerful cards for multiplayer. Blizzard reveal a few of them in this blog post, which also has more details about the adventure.

Buying the whole adventure gets you 35 cards, earned through playing four chapters with three encounters each. That's 24 battles total.

The whole shebang costs £17/$20/€20. You can nab it in the Blizzard launcher or from their website. It'll go live later today.

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