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Hero Power Mage deck list guide - Forged in the Barrens - Hearthstone (April 2021)

AKA: Hero Tower Mage.

Mage’s Hero Power has been beefed up big time in Forged in the Barrens. The deck list here has been created with this in mind, along with the Watch Post package to disrupt your enemy’s plans. Some have taken to calling this deck ‘Hero Tower Mage’ because of it.

Whatever you fancy calling it, here’s the best deck list for Hero Power Mage in the current meta, as well as a mulligan guide, some tips on how to play the deck, and even a bit of advice on your synergies present in the deck.

Hero Power Mage deck list and strategy

Here’s the best Hero Power Mage deck list to use in Forged in the Barrens - try it out if you happen to have the cards available.

2 x Babbling Book2 x Wand Thief
2 x Wildfire2 x Tour Guide
2 x Fallen Hero2 x Manafeeder Panthara
2 x Starscryer2 x Far Watch Post
1 x Astromancer Solarian2 x Mor'shan Watch Post
2 x Reckless Apprentice1 x Venomous Scorpid
1 x Varden Dawngrasp1 x Potion of Illusion
1 x Coldarra Drake1 x Jandice Barov
1 x Mordresh Fire Eye1 x Overlord Runthak
1 x Taelan Fordring
1 x Kargal Battlescar

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAf0ECo27A9nRA+XRA5boA/roA9jsA53uA6iKBKqKBMGgBAr3uAObzQP7zgOk0QP36AP56APT7APW7APAoATEoAQA

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General strategy

You have a ridiculous amount of burst damage with this deck, provided you play it smartly. Here’s how you should approach the stages of your game.

Early Game: Look for your Watch Posts. They’ll be annoying and disruptive enough to keep you going in the early game and avoid your opponent doing too much with aggressive tools they draw. Both Far Watch Post and Mor'shan Watch Post are great choices for this, as you’ll be able to stall the opponent mana-wise, and discourage them from playing minions if possible. It also sets you up for the future of the game.

Start pinging the enemy with your Hero Power as well. You want to be racking up damage to activate Mordresh Fire Eye’s ludicrously powerful effect, and the likes of Wildfire can consistently improve this for you whilst keeping the enemy off the board.

Mid Game: Keep your opponent at bay both with your Watch Posts and Hero Power. If you’ve upgraded it with Wildfire (or having a Fallen Hero on board), then Reckless Apprentice can utterly destroy your enemy’s entire board, whilst also counting for a big wedge of Hero Power damage to upgrade your Mordresh. You should also be contesting the board yourself with smart decisions based on the spells you pick from Wand Thief and your own minions when possible. Taelan Fordring is nice to have for a little stalling and protection, as well as the guaranteed draw of Mordresh Fire Eye if you haven’t got him yet. Keep on pinging if you can, and feel free to play out minions that’ll help you avoid death for a little longer, like Overlord Runthak and Jandice Barov.

Late Game: If you’re still alive in the late game, it’s your time to shine. Keep on pinging the enemy’s minions and face to chip them down, but be wary of burst damage coming from your opponent. Varden Dawngrasp can be a lifesaver to be honest - freezing your opponent until you have enough mana to finish them with Mordresh Fire Eye.

That’s something you always have to keep in mind - you have 10 face damage in hand with Mordresh, so make sure he’s been activated and you could end the game right then and there. There’s also the Kargal Battlescar play, summoning a bunch of 5/5s, and if any of your important Battlecry minions survive a turn you could Potion of Illusion them back into your hand for a super cheap, massively powerful play.

Hero Power Mage Mulligan Guide

Here’s what you want in your opening hand:

1. Far Watch Post has the highest win-rate of all cards on the list here. Keep it whenever you can, and your opponent will struggle big-time to slow you down, what with all their topdecks becoming more expensive. It’s super annoying for them too - card draw plays are far less useful for them too.

2. Mor'shan Watch Post is great for the same reason. Of course, if you suspect you’re against a No-Minion Mage or something, maybe give it a miss, but most of the time this thing is such a pain to deal with whilst also boosting your future Kargal Battlescar.

3. Reckless Apprentice can act as a great AOE tool. At a minimum it deals 1 damage to all enemies, but if you have Wildfires online or a Fallen Hero on board, you’ll be absolutely rolling.

Hero Power Mage tips, combos and synergies

Keep your wits about you with Hero Power Mage - here’s how:

- When you Discover spells with Venomous Scorpid or Wand Thief, think about your immediate goals. Could you threaten lethal with a fireball to the face? Maybe you’d be able to pull off a later play with a freeze spell? It depends heavily on your current situation and board state, but everything needs to be in service of winning the game.

- You can play Reckless Apprentice before using your Hero Power on the same turn - it won’t count as your ‘use’ of the ability.

- If your enemy leaves Jandice Barov, Mordresh Fire Eye, Varden Dawngrasp, or Kargal Battlescar on board, consider using Potion of Illusion to double up on their extremely powerful Battlecries for just one mana.

- Coldarra Drake can sometimes clog up your hand, but it’s won us a fair few games. Managing to stick this card on board whilst your Hero Power is buffed can allow you to just go absolutely wild, firing your Hero Power at the enemy’s face repeatedly until they die.

- Remember, Varden Dawngrasp doesn’t just freeze enemy minions - he can kill them too if they’re already frozen. Keep this in mind when Discovering spells.

- Remember the ability of Astromancer Solarian’s Deathrattle. Solarian Prime casts five spells at random, targeting enemies when he can. This means if you’re on a last stand and need a board clear, he could well be the answer you’re looking for.

- Keep a count of how many Watch Posts you’ve played in each game - it can be really disappointing to accidentally play Kargal Battlescar and only summon a single Lookout.

There you go - how to play Hero Power Mage! Check out more Hearthstone stuff from us, including the Battlegrounds hero tier list, and our Hearthstone deck tier list!

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