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How to level up Fortes in Wuthering Waves

And where to find their materials

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Wondering how to level up your characters' Fortes in Wuthering Waves? Fortes are your character's unique abilities in Wuthering Waves, and they can be leveled up in exchange for some materials and Shell Credits. While Fortes aren't too crucial early on in the game, if you're taking on harder bosses or even exploring the game's endgame modes, it might be time to start investing some of your hard-earned resources in Fortes.

In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about leveling up Fortes in Wuthering Waves, including how to level them up and what materials you'll need.

How to level up Fortes in Wuthering Waves

If you're brand new to Fortes, you'll need to ascend your character before being able to level up Fortes to certain levels - you won't even be able to upgrade any Fortes before ascending them to Rank 2. If your character's behind, you can level and ascend them on the Attribute Details page of the Resonators menu.

Once your character is properly leveled, head to the Forte page (also in the Resonators menu) to begin leveling up their Fortes. Here, you can see nodes for each of their moves.

A screenshot showing the Forte menu in Wuthering Waves.

To level up a specific Forte, tap the node, add the required materials, and confirm. Each Forte's maximum level is 10, and materials get progressively more expensive, so it's best to consider which skills you're using the most if you're short on resources. If you're using Jiyan's Resonance Liberation to do a lot of your team's damage, for example, it's worth investing more resources in the Resonance Liberation Forte first before investing in his others.

Forte materials explained

Upgrading your Fortes will require different materials depending on the character and their current level. Generally, though, you'll want to gather things categorized as Weapon and Skill Materials as well as Skill Upgrade Materials. Lingyang, for example, requires Cadence Seeds and LF Whisperin Cores, but as you upgrade his Fortes, these required materials become higher-ranked versions like Cadence Leaves and HF Whisperin Cores. Like other Resonators, he also requires a specific Skill Upgrade Material - in his case, it's Unending Destruction.

Upgrading your Resonators' Fortes will also require a hefty amount of Shell Credits (the game's universal currency), so if you're hoping to max out a character in the future, you might want to start saving now.

To check what materials a character needs for their next Forte upgrade, simply head to the game's Forte menu and click on a specific Forte.

That's all the information we've got on leveling up Fortes in Wuthering Waves! If you're wondering which characters might be worth investing precious upgrade materials in, we've got your back with our Resonators tier list. Or, if you're looking to upgrade other aspects of your characters' builds, head to our Forte Circuit and Resonator leveling guides.

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