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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is now available from GOG

And 40% reduced

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance allows you to slow time and slice objects into pieces, their 3D models bisecting precisely along the lines of your swipes. For this reason alone, I think you should own it. Now you can own it DRM-free on GOG.

The Metal Gear spin-off arrived on the digital store earlier this week. It's currently 40% reduced to a mere £12, just as it is over on Steam for the summer sale.

Revengeance communicates most of what you need to know by being called "Revengeance". It's a Metal Gear spin-off that leans heavily on that series' high camp and bombast, starring cyberntic pretty boy Raiden as he does third-person knife crimes against enemies, some of whom are robot dinosaurs, some of whom are Presidents.

Another shorthand description: Revengeance is also peak period Platinum Games.

Alice0 was a big fan, in particular for a moment we can colloquially refer to as RULES OF NATURE. Rich Stanton was also a big fan, going into detail about the strengths of the genre and Revengeance's particular combat system:

Revengeance is of a genre that's never found a natural home on the PC, and so perhaps deserves a little more attention than it's received – because it's one of the greatest 3D combat systems ever, a precision masterpiece built around an irresistible hook. This genre is also often misunderstood in terms of total running time or the cutscene-based narratives, both of which are irrelevant next to the true purpose. Stylish fighting, and plenty of it.

You simply must.

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