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Metro Exodus' Epic exclusivity is nearly over, and it's arriving on Steam next week

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After a year of being exclusive to the Epic Games Store, Metro Exodus is hitting Steam next week. The third game in the post-apocalyptic FPS series is pretty decent, and by the time it's out on Steam it'll have two expansions to play through too. So, it's a good time to get hold of it, and if you've been waiting for it to be free of its Epic chains, you best set your alarm for 5am GMT on Saturday 15th February.

Metro Exodus had a bit of an awkward start to life, as initially it was meant to come to Steam at launch. People had pre-ordered it and everything before publishers Deep Silver suddenly declared it an Epic exclusive just two weeks before launch.

It looks like it will actually make it to Steam this time though, and it arrives just after its next DLC comes out on February 11th. The DLC is called Sam's Story, and you'll be able to play that as well as the older expansion, The Two Colonels and fill up your time with some old and new Metro goodness. The new DLC will put you in the shoes of a US marine searching for a way back to America, while the older one has you play as Colonel Khlebnikov, a man who's trying to reunite with his son on New Year's Eve.

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Exodus is a bit different to the other Metro games (which are already available on Steam), being more non-linear than the previous two, and having you spend more time in an open world-type area above ground.

"Regardless of its limitations, Exodus still deserves its place among its underground comrades. In many ways it's better, and I'm very glad they didn’t just repeat the same subterranean journey again," Brendan said in his Metro Exodus review.

"And yet, for the studio, this instalment might also turn out to be a fabulous curse. Because if there are any further shooters set in the Metroverse, they'll won't be able to return to a life of tunnel vision. Not when we've seen Metro is capable of so much more."

Dmitry Glukhovsky, the author of the original Metro novels the games are based on, said in August that the game series will continue and he was working on the story.

Metro Exodus will be available on Steam next week on February 15th at 5am GMT, or if you're not that fussed about the exclusivity stuff you can still get it on Epic too.

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