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Mew-genics back in production after six years stuck up a tree

Cat-a-clysm averted

After six years of getting sidetracked by other projects, Edmund McMillen (The Binding Of Isaac, Super Meat Boy) and pals confirmed via Twitter that Mew-genics is in development once more. It appears that the game of ethically questionable cat breeding has changed a bit since we last saw it, with a new focus on combat and exploration built on a foundation of splicing feline DNA. Programmer Tyler Glaiel has spent the past few weeks tweeting out clips of the game as it is now, featuring what looks like real-time tactical cat-versus-mouse squad combat. Take a peek below.

We last heard about Mew-genics early last year (ta, Alice), back when it still seemed to be about tending to your herd of mutant mogs and entering them in contests. Even so, there was talk of a complete re-design. Aside from the scribbly, adorably murderous kitties, the game we see below doesn't bear much resemblance to what was previously teased.

Here we see a trio of cats -- some of them apparently with wizard powers -- assailing a large, squishy rat in an alley. One cat calls down lightning, the other one knocks the rodent airborne with what appears to be blood magic, and the third just does the normal cat thing and pounces onto it from a great height. It's unclear whether it's for debug purposes or not, but the player has direct control over one cat at a time, while the rest of the party seem to be AI controlled.

A clip from today showing off another special ability available to your cats. A spinning melee attack that leaves the ferocious fighting feline temporarily dazed. Not quite as cute as a cat tripping over its own feet after chasing a laser pointer in circles, but I'll take it. We also see a second enemy type here. More ordinary, less squishy rodents, crudely drawn but full of red damage numbers just waiting to be bashed loose.

And here we see that a cornered rat can indeed be dangerous, especially when it weighs what looks like thirty pounds, and can leap great distances. As for what the game looks like outside of back alley cat brawling is anyone's guess, but it's good to see the project is alive and kicking again.

Unsurprisingly there's not even been the barest guess on when it'll be done or playable in any capacity. At least we've probably got The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance and spinoff The Legend of Bum-bo soon-ish to fill that grimy, infested hole in our lives.

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