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Murderous Pinocchio game Lies Of P sure looks Bloodborne-y

Check out the new trailer

It has been a long damn year, so I'd forgotten that people were making a grim Soulslike video game based on Pinocchio. Oh, but they are! And you can see that in the first gameplay trailer for Lies Of P. Some big Bloodborne vibes mixed with a bit of Sekiro, within an edgy murderworld based on the old story. As if anything could be scarier than the bit in the Disney version where the kids get turned into donkeys. But come, watch the trailer.

We play as the puppet Pinocchio, a roboboy who awakes in the city of Krat where something has apparently gone mighty wrong. Off we go, trying to find out what happened, stabbing robots, crafting weapons including just straight-up Bloodborne's Whirligig Saw, and playing with Sekiro-esque roboarms including a grappling hook and flamethrower.

Also, because he's Pinocchio, it has quests where you can lie, and a press release says: "The more you lie, the more human you become, with all the advantages and disadvantages that it entails." Choices influence the ending too. I do find this quite funny. But hey, if you're going grim, go all-in.

Though I am bewildered by the automaton strung up on a bridge with an "APAB" sign hanging from a candelabra in its neckhole:

Lies Of P artwork showing an automaton strung up on a bridge with an "APAB" sign hanging from a candelabra in its neckhole.
Lot going on here, huh.

I did actually asked the publishers about that because I'm bewildered by the contrasting images it's pulling together from modern history. What, and why.

Lies Of P is headed to Steam and consoles. It's made by Round8 Studio and published by Neowiz.

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Lies Of P

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