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New World's closed beta will be worth watching before launch in August

I'm still undecided, so I'm counting on livestreamers

I continue to look at Amazon's upcoming MMO New World with a wistful lack of actual desire. I'm of a similar opinion to Ed, who said he wants to play MMOs again but doesn't like them anymore. I too want to be the me that still enjoys MMOs. Even if I'm not positive I want to play New World, I can't deny my curiousity. I'll be watching livestreams of other folks playing in its closed beta next week to see if just maybe it sparks my interest. Perhaps you should too if you're similarly undecided.

"We’re excited to share all the new features and content we’ve added since the Preview Event last summer, such as beautiful and dangerous new Territories, Expeditions, Outpost Rush, new weapons, and many more quests, adventures, and activities for players to experience throughout the world," Amazon Game Studios say in their newest closed beta post. Amazon also say that closed beta participants are able to share and livestream their time playing, which I'll be counting on everyone to do.

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Amazon have been sharing more info on some of those bits in the lead up to launch. Their info on Expeditions explains the five player instanced dungeons. The Outpost Rush mode is a 20 on 20 player match of controlling strongholds. They've also talked about their intentions for the main story quest, including better variety of general quest objectives. "In many instances we've replaced generic looting objectives with new interactable items tailored to a specific quest," they say.

Dungeons and quests are all well and good but I spent over a decade on much of the same. If there's anything to watch for, I imagine it's those Outpost Rush matches. Large-scale PvP isn't revolutionary for MMORPGs, but it's a potential area for New World to stand out in. I'd also like to get a look at how its combat currently feels. New World is going for a more action-y style of RPG combat, with its free aim for ranged weapons and lots of movement. It seems closer to a Black Desert style than the hotbars of yore.

It sure does look nice as well, honestly. Even its interfaces are attractive, which is often a big complaint of mine with MMOs.

I like mid-millenium fantasy dressup as much as the next MMO dork, I'm just not sure if New World's new world is going to pull me in when I can't muster the desire to get back into my old world of The Elder Scrolls Online—or to even try FFXIV. Perhaps Ed's right. Maybe I just don't like MMOs anymore. I'm not quite ready to accept that as the truth though, so I think I'll be queuing up some livestreams during the closed beta as it kicks off next week.

If you're more keen to try it out firsthand, you can still sign up to take part over on New World's website. The closed beta runs for two weeks, from next Tuesday, July 20 at 5:30pm BST / 9:30am PDT through August 2 at 11:59pm PDT (8am BST on August 3).

New World launches in full on August 31st on Steam for £35/€40/$40.

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