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Not-so-sneaky heist 'em up Payday 3 will launch this September

Shooting its way out

At tonight's Xbox showcase, there was a first proper look at upcoming heist 'em up sequel Payday 3. To skip to the end: it looks a lot like past Paydays, inasmuch as it's a co-op first-person shooter that's less about clever breaking and entering and more about mowing down waves of cops.

The trailer also came with a release date: September 21st.

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Its similarity to previous Paydays is no bad thing. Payday 1 and 2 never delivered the coordinated co-op sneaking I thought they would, but they were fun, frothy, capable Left 4 Deadlikes in a passable Heat mask.

If you were playing Payday for the story, for some reason, then you may be pleased to learn Payday 3 stars the same gang of robbers, pulled from retirement and reuniting. Missions will no longer take place in Washington DC, however, but in New York City.

Aside from a combeback for the series, Payday 3 is a hopeful comeback for developers Starbreeze, who hit upon hard times after Payday 2's initally huge success.

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