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Take another peek at the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds desert map

Plunkbat looks parched

If you've got enough Playerunknown's Battlegrounds appetite for desert, you might be interested to know that Brendan 'Playerunknown' Greene has released four new screenshots of the upcoming desert map. Personally, I'm already planning my sand-based shenanigans.

So, those are they. Here's a list of things I'm 100% definitely going to do when I get to that desert:

  • Parachute down onto those cranes. There’s bound to be a sniper rifle, tonnes of ammo and an 8x Scope up there, right?
  • Do a Mad Max-inspired Playstyle Royale where I'm not allowed to leave my buggy at all times.
  • Do a Quantum of Solace-inspired Playstyle Royale where I have to leave a gas can next to every slain opponent.
  • Finally have a Day Z like experience and try to lock someone in a cell in that prison until they agree to co-operate me.
  • Drive my prisoner/ willing accomplice up to those shacks with me and live out the rest of the round in a Misery style hostage scenario.
  • Go worm hunting.

On a more serious note, those rocks by the main town look like they'll make for lots of "there's snipers in them there hills" type scenarios. Sometimes, I might even be one of them.

I'll be able to do all of that and more when the new map is released and Plunkbat comes out of early access in 'late December', as PUBG Corp have are still shooting for. Hopefully the addition of vaulting and climbing - which should reach the test clients real soon - can tide me over until then.

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