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Prime Day deal spotlight: The WD Black SN850X SSD is a steal at £62 / $60 for 1TB

Or £109 / $140 for 2TB

The WD Black SN850X SSD propped up on a desk.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

Yet again, the best PCIe 4.0 SSD for gaming strikes during a big sale event, this time being Amazon Prime Day 2023. The abso-bloomin’-lutely brilliant WD Black SN850X is down to a relative pittance for its 1TB model, dropping to £62 in the UK and $60 in the US. That should be enough storage space for most PCs, but the 2TB model does happen to be on sale as well, at £109 / $140. Making it an even better deal than it was, uh, four days ago. Sorry, anyone who bought one after that post.

There’s never a shortage of good SSD deals during Prime Day, and not just from Amazon. I’ll confess to also having my head turned by the Samsung 990 Pro, which is even faster than the SN850X in certain gaming situations and is only £122 for a 2TB model right now. Nevertheless, the SN850X is a more rounded and generally better-value drive, especially at these prices.

UK deals:

WD Black SN850X 1TB - £62 (was £158)

WD Black SN850X 2TB - £109 (was £148)

US deals:

WD Black SN850X 1TB - $60 (was $160)

WD Black SN850X 2TB - $140 (was $181)

As ever, any offer marked with "Prime Day Deal" on Amazon will need a Prime membership – either an active subscription or a free trial – to actually get the best price.

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