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Resident Evil 2 brings fresh, free scares in The Ghost Survivors DLC

X still gon' give it to ya

I refuse to play Resident Evil 2, because I am, proudly, a coward. But if you’re braver than me, there’s now more game, and you can get it for free. The Ghost Survivors takes players into a “what if” universe, offering alternate stories for three pre-existing characters as they try to escape from the biological disaster that befell Raccoon City. All of them are teased in this here trailer, which I watched at great peril but which happily had no jump scares.

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The three stories are called Forgotten Soldier, Runaway, and No Time To Mourn, and they follow gun store owner Robert Kendo, mayor’s daughter Katherine Warren, and a special forces agent known only as Ghost respectively. All three are, unsurprisingly, trying to avoid getting eaten on their way to safety, but the kinds of zombies out for their flesh differ. Kendo will have to contend with poisonous foes, Warren with extra mutations, and Ghost with armoured undead.

Each one can also be run in training mode, which awards more items and more slots to put them in so that you can experiment with learning the mechanics and enemy positions. Perfect for getting ready to gun for that S-rank.

Brendan, Matt, and Dave all got together and decided that the base game is B-movie schlock, but (at least mostly) the good kind of B-movie schlock. They also confirm that it’s properly scary, which they reckon is a good thing. Whatever floats your boat.

The Ghost Survivors DLC is available now, free for people who own Resident Evil 2.

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