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Respect the Gibson: Watch Dogs 2 shows off PC pretties

Nice fog!

The PC launch of Watch Dogs 2 [official site] next week might be a fortnight after its console debut but hey, at least our version of the open-world Hackers homage has extra pretties. Ubisoft have gabbed about these before and now show them off in a trailer. Sunlight light up the fog rolling across the bay really is quite something ("ray-marched volumetric fog", if you want to get technical). Of course, there's a world of difference between a good-looking trailer and a game which actually runs well.

The trailer boasts about features including high-res textures, that fancy fog, no FPS cap, field of view options, multi-monitor support, and multi-GPU support. It also shows off the stuff that'll only be available to people running on Nvidia cards: their Ansel swish screenshot stuff, HBAO+ ambient occlusion for better shadows, "hybrid frustum trace shadows", and other cyberbells and digiwhistles with long names. Yes, in the year of our Molyneux 2016, we're still gating features for hardware. I know how it happens and why but it still sucks.

Anyway! Look at this lovely fog:

Watch Dogs 2 comes to PC on Tuesday, November 29th. Hopefully it isn't a mess like some other recent high-profile PC versions? And hopefully the initial release will include the flurry of fixes which have hit consoles since launch.

I'm just sorry Ubisoft will surely have already removed the ha-ha-hilarious cartoon vulva on a character who looks like one of those 'sexy' Oblivion skins edited by a teenager in MS Paint. I quite wanted to see that.

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