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Return To Monkey Island is out on Talk Like A Pirate Day next month

The launch date was revealed at Opening Night Live and I am very excited

Everyone has one or two things that still make them all happy and excited, with no trace of cynicism whatsoever, and one of mine is Monkey Island. I've not yet seen anything I didn't like of Return To Monkey Island. It's a new instalment in the classic point 'n' click 'n' pirate series being made under the loving care of Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman, two of the original devs, and now we know there's only a few more weeks to wait. Return To Monkey Island is coming soon to a computer near you on September 19th. There's a new trailer to prove it.

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Introduced by Stan, salesman of the terrible jacket, massive chin and flailing arms, we get a little tour of some locations in the game, including what looks like a gross fishmonger, a tavern, and a much-beloved cliff top making it's own return to Monkey Island. There is also a "pre-order to get Horse Armour joke", and I think you might just... you just get horse armour in your inventory if you pre-order it. It just won't do anything. Along with the new trailer is an update to the official website, where it is revealed Stan is in jail for "marketing related crimes".

Speaking as a mega-fan - I'm serious, just last month I got an awesome tattoo of Murray the skull - I'm glad to see Stan will be making an appearance, and equally enamoured of the new art style (so yiz can all shut up). I think it retains the spirit of the original games - just look at Stan's restless foot, so perfectly captured - while becoming its own fresh and modern look.

I am, as you may have gathered, terrifically biased, but luckily I am also entirely correct, and if you don't like it you're wrong. The Return To Monkey Island was only announced four months ago, which means I haven't even had that long to go bananas about it. You can find it on Steam now, where it will presumably be available to pre-order before it comes out on September 19th.

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