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Romero Games and Paradox recruit Dotty Bacon and Two-Ton Clyde Malone for Empire Of Sin

What excellent mobster names!

Spit-shine your spats, dust off the fedora you hid in shame, and prepare to give some goombas the ol' rat-a-tat-tat in Empire Of Sin, a 1920s mobster strategy game announced this week at E3 by Paradox Interative and Romero Games (the studio of those Romeros, Brenda and John). We'll get to do crimes and build a gang of toughs with excellent names including Dotty Bacon, Zee Zee, and Two-Ton Clyde Malone. No joke, those names are in screenshots. Making pals with cool nicknames is surely 90% of the motivation behind engaging in organised crime.

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It's the 1920s and Chigaco has crimes. Hearing that crimes can lead to meeting people named e.g. Two-Ton Clyde Malone, we decide that yes we shall do crimes.

Through illegal casinos, protection rackets, speakeasies, and such we'll grow a gang, do crimes, expand our turf, throw down in turn-based combat I will describe in a glance as "looking a bit like XCOM", and maybe even try what I suppose can be considered diplomacy. Along forming alliances, we'll get to bribe cops and, the announcement says, "schmooze, coerce, seduce, threaten, or kill" folks in our way.

I'll take schmoozing with a dash of murder, thanks, plus a few fingers of whisky for me and Dotty.

Empire Of Sin is coming to Windows and Mac via Steam in spring 2020.

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