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Runeterra boards: how to equip them

A change of scenery

Are you bored of the main Legends of Runeterra board? Do you want a change of scenery? Perhaps a lab or an arena would be more appealing places to play. I have some bad news. In order to play in a different place to the Summoners Rift, you have to spend real money. The least we can do is show you how to equip them.

Runeterra board

Runeterra boards guide

our Runeterra boards guide will show you how you can equip any purchased boards that you have bought with real money, since Runeterra sort of hides the option to use them. If additional boards are not your thing, you can look at our Runeterra best decks guide instead.

Runeterra boards

How to equip Runeterra boards

Runeterra boards represent the different regions of the League of Legends universe. When you start Legends of Runeterra, you'll only have access to the Summoner's Rift board. It is perhaps the most boring of the boards available.

You can buy boards by heading to the store and purchasing 990 coins worth of gold. If you do decide to take the plunge and get a new board, go all in and grab the 1100 coin bundle as you will get extra coins that you can spend on other things. You cannot spend shards to purchase boards, which given how expensive they are is a big shame. Here is the currency conversion for Gold in Legends of Runeterra:

Amount of real money paidGBP (£) > Coins
9.991100 (50 bonus)
19.992250 (150 bonus)
34.994000 (325 bonus)
49.995800 (550 bonus)
99.9912.000 (1500 bonus)

Please note that the currency values are displayed in GBP as I could not get 100% correct values for USD or Euros.

To equip your newly purchased Runeterra boards, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Make sure Legends of Runeterra is open.
  • Click "Collection".
  • Click "Boards".
  • Click the board you have purchased.
  • Click the button to equip the board.

It's worth noting that you will only see the purchased skin for your board on your side. Your opponent will either have the default Summoner's Rift, or their own equipped purchased arena.

Runeterra equip board

Currently available Runeterra boards

There are seven boards available for Legends of Runeterra at this time. Each one represents a particular region in the League of Legends universe. Below are all of the currently available boards in the game.

  • Clifftop Monastery (Ionia)
  • Cursed Ruins (Shadow Isles)
  • Hall of Valor (Demacia)
  • Hextech Lab (Piltover & Zahn)
  • Iceborn Peak (Freljord)
  • Reckoners Arena (Noxus)
  • Summoner's Rift (Already unlocked)

This isn't the only thing you can buy to customise your playing experience for Legends of Runeterra, as you can also spend money on Runeterra guardians. You can also switch your player icon for free by following the steps highlighted in the Runeterra player icons guide.

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