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Runeterra player icons: how to change them

A new face

You may have noticed during your games of Legends of Runeterra that some players have different icons next to their name. There's plenty to choose from, but we all know deep down the only three correct choices are a ghost shark, a Poro with a mallet, and a cat in a goddamn robot suit. There is good news, in that all these player icons are free and you can change your icon to one of these in just a few clicks.

Runeterra player icons

Runeterra player icons guide

This Runeterra player icons guide will show you how you can equip the player icons. Once you've equipped your player icon, you can then look at our Runeterra best decks guide for deck codes to make the best decks.

Runeterra player icon

How to equip Runeterra player icons

Player Icons allow you to express yourself when playing games against other players. You won't be able to see them once the game starts, but they do flash up just beforehand when displaying the usernames of both players. There are plenty to choose from, 26 to be exact, and include artwork from many of the cards available in the game. Perhaps you want to express just how much you'd like to give your opponent mushrooms? Well there's an icon for that!

Changing a player icon is also rather simple process and thankfully doesn't cost any money or shards to change. In order to equip a player icon in Legends of Runeterra, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Make sure Legends of Runeterra is open.
  2. Look at the top left of the screen to see your current Player Icon. It's an image with a circle around it. Click it to open the menu.
  3. Click the Player Icon you wish to have and click Save to change your icon.

What cards the Runeterra player icons represent

You may be wondering just which cards are represented by the player icons in Runeterra. Well wonder no more. Here are the inspirations for each of the player icons, listed from the top left of the list.

  • Jewelled Protector
  • Mushroom Cloud
  • Cursed Keeper
  • Mark of the Isles
  • Trifarian Shieldbreaker
  • Legion Saboteur
  • Jibilant Poro (transformed Lonely Poro)
  • Spiderling (token follower)
  • Stand Alone
  • Chempunk Shredder
  • Twin Disciplines
  • Radiant Guardian
  • Plucky Poro
  • Fae Bladetwirler
  • Astute Academic
  • Shark Chariot
  • Rimetusk Shaman
  • Poro Snax
  • Draven's Biggest Fan
  • Greenglade Duo
  • Reckoning
  • Cithria the Bold
  • "Health Potion" (does not reflect the current art of the Health Potion card.)
  • Cataclysm (summoned token from Purrsuit of Perfection)
  • Yeti Yearling
  • Mighty Poro

The player icons aren't the only thing you can customise in Legends of Runeterra, but they are the only thing you can customise for no extra cost.

If you decide to spend money on a new guardian to click on during your Runeterra games or if you just want a change of scenery, then we have a couple of guides on Runeterra boards and Runeterra guardians respectively.

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