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Legends of Runeterra Ephemeral tutorial guide - how to complete Spirits High and Low

Phantom Prankser is the key

You've probably come across the tutorials in Legends of Runeterra and are completing them at a decent pace. However, the Spirits High And Low Runeterra Ephemeral tutorial might have given you a bit of a hassle. This is down to the rather specific way you need to complete it. Be confused no more, as I will walk you through this bothersome tutorial and explain how it works.

Legends of Runeterra 5

Legends of Runeterra Ephemeral tutorial guide

This Legends of Runeterra Ephemeral tutorial guide will walk you through the steps to complete the Spirits High And Low tutorial match. There are three steps and we'll go through all three turns and how Ephemeral works, a definition of which can be found in our How to Play Legends of Runeterra guide. Other tips and tricks can be found in our Legends Of Runeterra guide.

Runeterra Ephemeral Tutorial Stage 1

How to complete Runeterra Ephemeral tutorial

To see what all of the cards in each of the phases does, check out our Runeterra cards list guide.

The first stage of the Runeterra Ephemral tutorial should be relatively straightforward as you'll have three Shadow Fiends and two Caustic Casks to play against one Inspiring Mentor and one Scaled Snapper in its 2/5 mode. Attacking with everything will make the two enemy units block two of your Shadow Fiends, leaving one of them to break through. When you click "End Round", the Caustic Casks Ephemeral triggers, killing them off and dealing one damage to both Nexus's.

Since your opponent is at one life, this will end that part of the tutorial. Note that the second Caustic Cask does its damage before the "game" ends and you're transported to the second part of the tutorial. This is important as the game doesn't really tell you that it's entirely possible to draw a game based on this interaction.

Runeterra Ephemeral Tutorial Stage 2

Runeterra Ephemeral tutorial - Stage 2

There are some new cards in this phase, so to find out what each card does, check out our Runeterra cards list guide.

Onto stage two and you're in a much better situation. You have a Cursed Keeper on the board, while your hand contains a Mark of the Isles and a Relentless Pursuit. Your enemy only has a Jeweled Protector. To get past this part of the tutorial, play Mark of the Isles onto Cursed Keeper and attack. This grants him Ephemeral. The Jeweled Protector will block it, perishing in combat. However, so will the Cursed Keeper, but he will summon a 4/4 Abomination. Play Relentless Pursuit to get another combat phase and attack with the Abomination to reach the final part.

Runeterra Ephemeral Tutorial Stage 3

Runeterra Ephemeral tutorial - Stage 3

This is probably where you're stuck in the Runeterra Ephemeral tutorial, however once you've completed this section, you'll probably understand why it works. There are a lot of cards to work out what they do, so have a look at our Runeterra cards list guide before coming back for the solution.

You have one Hapless Aristocrat on the board, as well as a Haunted Relic, a Phantom Prankster, and a Ravenous Butcher in hand. Your enemy has a Jeweled Protector, two Scaled Snappers, and a Yone, Windchaser on the board, but an empty hand. In order to complete the Ephemeral tutorial, play the following cards in order:

  1. Play Haunted Relic to summon three Unleashed Spirits. They're 1/1 Ephemeral spirits.
  2. Play Phantom Prankster. Her ability is key to winning this match.
  3. Play Ravenous Butcher. Target Hapless Aristocrat with the ability. This will generate a 1/1 Spiderling.
  4. Attack with all units except Phantom Prankster. The enemy will block all units except for one of the 1/1 Unleashed Spirit.
  5. Resolve combat to win.

The reason this all works is down to Phantom Prankster's ability synergy with the Ephemeral triggers, as well as the Ravenous Butcher's ability. When the Hapless Aristocrat dies, Phantom Prankster deals 1 damage to the Nexus, putting the life total down to six health. When the opponent blocks, it will try to kill all the enemy units, while preserving their own. So when your units die, either due to combat damage or Ephemeral triggers, Phantom Prankster will trigger, eventually whittling it down to zero health.

Where a lot of people might come unstuck is with the temptation to attack with Phantom Prankster. You should not do this as the enemy will block it, meaning the Nexus damaging ability won't trigger for any champions to the right of it, once it dies. It's safer to just not attack with it.

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Those are all of the follower and spell cards in Runeterra. Do check out our other guides, particularly the one to create the best Legends of Runeterra decks.

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