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Runeterra vault: how to get XP quickly

Region rewards explained

Your card selection in Legends of Runeterra might be somewhat limited to start off with. In order to get more cards, you'll either need to buy stuff from the store, or gain as much XP as possible. There are both weekly vaults and reward tracks that contain a bunch of free cards that you can use to build decks.

Legends of Runeterra vault guide

In this Legends of Runeterra vault guide I will be explaining how to gain XP quickly, as well as go into detail about the weekly vault and the region rewards. I've also added some more details on the odds of getting certain items as weekly rewards, experience needed to get said rewards, and the chances for your rewards to be upgraded.


Runeterra region rewards

Region rewards

One set of rewards that you can get are Region rewards. These are separate from the weekly vault, but you won't be able to access the region rewards until you have opened all of the Prologue rewards. These Prologue rewards require XP gained via completing daily quests and playing games either against the AI or other real players. They contain capsules and chests that contain new cards, as well as wildcards for creating new cards.

Note that you gain the same amount of XP towards your weekly vault as you would towards Prologue and Region rewards. For example, if you get 600XP in a game, you'll get 600XP in the weekly vault and 600XP towards unlocking the next reward in either the Prologue rewards, or Region rewards. However, unlike the weekly vaults, your progress in the rewards tracks (Prologue and any region) are permanent.

Once all of the Prologue rewards have been obtained, you'll then get to choose a region. Each region has 20 levels, with an increasing number of XP required to get each reward. They all contain a variety of reward types:

  • Wildcards: These can be used on any card of that rarity, but can only be redeemed once.
  • Capsules: Contains some cards from the region you are opening from:
    • Rare Capsule: 4x Commons, 1x Rare.
    • Wild Capsule: 4x Common wildcards, 1x Rare wildcards
    • Epic Capsule: 2x Commons, 2x Rare, 1x Epic.
    • Champion Capsule: 3x Rare, 1x Epic, 1x Champion.
  • Chests: Contains cards or capsules, and an amount of shards.
    • Bronze Chest: 2x common cards, 60+ shards.
    • Silver Chest: 2x commons cards, 1x rare card, 140+ shards.
    • Golden Chest: 1x Rare capsule, 240+ shards.
    • Platinum Chest: 2x Rare capsules, 360+ shards.
    • Diamond Chest: 3x Rare capsules, 500+ shards
  • Cards: A random card of that rarity from the selected region.

It's worth noting that changing the region you are getting rewards for requires that you select the new region, then click the "Activate" button. You won't lose progress on the previously selected region if you switch and can switch back at any time between games.

Runeterra weekly vault

Runeterra weekly vault

There's also the weekly vault, which is a set of weekly rewards that open on Tuesdays. You need to accumulate as much XP during the course of a week to increase the value of the contents inside of the weekly vault chests, which contain either new cards or ways to make new cards. For building the Runeterra best decks, you'll want as many cards as possible.

Runeterra's weekly vaults can contain a maximum of three chests that are opened at a set time. There are 13 levels in the Runeterra weekly vault, with a level 13 chest containing three diamond chests and a guaranteed Expedition Token. Here is a full list of rewards, the experience needed to level up, and the total experience needed to get that level up:

Weekly vault experience required

LevelExperience requiredVault Rewards
Level 10 XPBronze Chest x3
Level 21000 Total XP (1000 XP)Bronze Chest x2 Silver Chest x1
Level 32000 Total XP (1000 XP)Bronze Chest x1 Silver Chest x2
Level 43000 Total XP (1000 XP)Bronze Chest x1 Silver Chest x1 Gold Chest x1
Level 54000 Total XP (1000 XP)Silver Chest x2 Gold Chest x1
Level 65000 Total XP (1000 XP)Silver Chest x1 Gold Chest x2
Level 77000 Total XP (2000 XP)Gold Chest x3
Level 89000 Total XP (2000 XP)Gold Chest x2 Platinum Chest x1
Level 911,000 Total XP (2000 XP)Gold Chest x1 Platinum Chest x2
Level 1013,000 Total XP (2000 XP)Platinum Chest x3 Expedition Token x1
Level 1117,000 Total XP (4000 XP)Platinum Chest x2 Diamond Chest x1 Expedition Token x1
Level 1221,000 Total XP (4000 XP) Platinum Chest x1 Diamond Chest x2 Expedition Token x1
Level 1325,000 Total XP (4000 XP for the level)Diamond Chest x3 Expedition Token x1

Diamond chests have up to ten common cards, up to five rare cards, up to three epic cards, and a potential champion card. Some cards may also transform into wildcards of that rarity. Each Diamond chest also contains a large sum of shards that can be spent on generating new cards, and below is the total amount needed to craft new cards:

Cards shard cost

  • Common: 100 shards
  • Rare: 300 shards
  • Epic: 1200 shards
  • Champion: 3000 shards

As for when you'll be able to open the rewards, the weekly vault opens every week on Tuesdays at around 2:30 UTC. The XP track is then reset for the next week's weekly vault.

Runeterra vault XP

Quick ways to gain XP

If you want to maximise how much XP you will gain to unlock rewards in the Runeterra weekly vault, then here are some top tips.

  • Complete all of the Runeterra tutorials, as every single one gives you a small amount of XP upon first completing it.
  • Daily Quests are a great way to gain XP very quickly, as they are very easy to complete by fighting against the AI.
  • If you find a difficult Daily Quest, you can spend one of your two rerolls to change the Daily Quest.
  • Make sure you switch to PVP matches as soon as you complete the Daily Quests, as PVP wins give you the following XP bonuses:
    • 200 XP per PVP win (1-15 wins)
    • 100 XP per PVP win (16+ wins)
  • Even if you lose a PVP match, you will gain some XP and it's preferential to playing against AI:
    • 100XP per PVP loss (1-4 losses)
    • 50 XP per PVP loss (5-10 losses)
    • 0 XP per PVP loss (11+ losses)
  • AI wins start at 100 XP, before going down to 75 XP after 5 wins, then 50 XP after 11 wins, before plummeting to 0 XP after 21 wins.
  • AI losses start at 50 XP, go down to 25 XP after 5 losses, then 0 XP after 11 losses.
  • Challenging friends counts towards daily quests but not towards daily PVP wins/losses. The XP rewards challenging friends gives you are:
    • 100 XP for the first 5 wins
    • 0 XP for 6+ wins
    • 0 XP draws and losses

Expedition Rewards

Aside from the below XP rewards, there are also some rewards for winning 6 expeditions (1500 shards, a random champion card, and a golden chest) and winning 7 expedition matches (3000 shards and a champion capsule).

  • 0 wins: 50 XP
  • 1 win: 150 XP
  • 2 wins: 250 XP
  • 3 wins: 400 XP
  • 4 wins: 600 XP
  • 5 wins: 800 XP
  • 6 wins: 1000 XP
  • 7 wins: 1500 XP

Runeterra reward tree

Reward upgrades

Occasionally, you'll find that a reward that you get for unlocking the weekly vault, such as the chest or capsule you're unlocking or the cards inside a chest/capsule, will be randomly upgraded. This is because every card and reward has a set percentage to upgrade to the next level or be turned into a wildcard variant if it is not one already. Here are the odds for Runeterra reward upgrades:

  • Chest → Next tier Chest: 20% (does not upgrade if chest is Diamond rank)
  • Rare Capsule → Wild Capsule: 5%
  • Rare Capsule → Epic Capsule: 10%
  • Epic Capsule → Champion Capsule: 10%
  • Common/Rare/Epic cards → Wildcard of same rarity: 10%
  • Champion card → Champion Wildcard: 5%
  • Common/Rare/Epic card → Increased card rarity: 10%
  • Wildcard → Increased wildcard rarity: 10%

And that's it. Thanks for reading this Runeterra vault guide. There are plenty more useful guides in our hub for Legends of Runeterra, including how to make the best decks, some tips for the Expeditions mode, and clarifications on how keywords and cards interact with each other.

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