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Sea Of Thieves: A Pirate's Life is out now, alongside season three's new enemies

Which one of these guys is Mackenzie Crook

Sea Of Thieves' new Pirates Of The Caribbean-themed expansion is out now. Nate already broke down all that it adds, but it's substantial stuff including five new story missions, ol' tentacle beard Davy Jones, and new enemies like Sirens and the ship-boarding Ocean Crawlers pictured above.

Here's the trailer released to announce the expansion at E3 2021:

The PotC-themed stuff is only part of what forms Sea Of Thieves season three, but it's substantial. Called A Pirate's Life, its an original story featuring Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones from that one good film and four bad films. Please do not head to our comments section to show your whole ass, thanks.

I suspect the rest of season three is more exciting to seasoned (weyyyy) Sea Of Thieves players. I've only played a little of the game, but even I have hacked up enough skeletons to think that new enemy types is a big deal. Enter the fellas in the image above, Ocean Crawlers, who will board your ship while you're sailing to cause havoc. There are also Sirens to be fought under the sea, who fight with a trident you can nab for yourself.

Season three is free for everyone who owns Sea Of Thieves, although there's a Plunder Pass you can buy separately to get some premium baubles. To coincide with the launch, Sea Of Thieves is also 33% off on Steam, or you can play it and the expansion via an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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