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Sea Of Thieves story adventures started in Anniversary Update

More importantly, FISHING

Fishing, story-driven adventures, a PvP arena mode, and other shiny newnesses today come to Sea Of Thieves in its Anniversary Update, which confusingly is coming thirteen-and-a-bit months after launch. While the multiplayer pirate sandbox initially seemed to be sinking without a trace because it had little to do, as our former Alec (RPS in peace) noted in his Sea Of Thieves review, Sea Of Thieves has experienced an unlikely renaissance in recent months. Today's update sounds like it makes Sea Of Thieves more like the game Alec had hoped for.

The shiny main attraction in today's update is the introduction of Tall Tales, a series of story-driven quests which have cutscenes and all. Expect treasure, traps, and big ol' skeletons. You can play Tall Tales with your piratepals, of course, not just solo.

Competitive piratemurder gets a little more formal with the addition of The Arena, a mode where crews can clash in, y'know, arenas. It'll offer new cosmetic bits and pieces to collect too, plus a tavern lobby to hang out in.

Really, though, the side which most appeals to me is new hunting and gathering. Pirates now get to go fishing, they can cook (and get bonus buffs for cooking well), they can find bait to catch rare fish... stuff that makes the sandbox side more alive. Story missions and PvP are great but idle activities and distraction fill the downtime between those big events. Fishing and farting about would make up most my piratetime. Especially because fishing is the best feature a video game can have.

The update is now live. See the Sea Of Thieves version 2.0 patch notes for more on everything.

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