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Sea Of Thieves will add dog companions which you can snuggle, obviously

A pirate's best friend joins the crew

Lo and behold, just a few weeks after I finally broke down and got myself a ship cat, Sea Of Thieves have released a new developer update confirming that they'll be adding dogs to the high seas as well. Rare say that other updates are coming in September as well, and that monthly updates with bug fixes and new features will continue.

Clearly the most important part of this update is the new pup pals. Like the cat companions that were recently added, it looks like you'll be able to cradle your mutts in your big pirate mitts and give them some nice ear scratches as well.

I'm dying to know what it will look like when you hold them up though. Showing items to my pals around the ship by holding them out still gives me giggles to this day and I was not disappointed when I got a cat. How am I going to hold up my poor pup to show him off? I must know.

Along with dogs, there are other bits coming in the September update, Rare say. A permanent new voyage type will be added for the Gold Hoarders which will be discussed in more detail later.

Rare also say they would like to grow the "range and visibility" of live events on the high seas. "Our aim is to have something unique for players to do throughout the month and not just looking towards the next monthly update," they say. That does sound like a nice goal. Even as a quite casual style player I've usually been able to pop in and run through new story quests and such with a pal in a matter of hours or days.

As for the pups, Rare say they'll be for sale in the Sea Of Thieves' Pirate Emporium cash shop like other animal companions have been.

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