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Secret Rogue deck list guide - Darkmoon Faire - Hearthstone (December 2020)

It's a secret to everyone.

The Rogue class' Secret synergies remain super strong, and although this archetype hasn't received a huge amount of fancy new gear in Scholomance Academy, it's solid enough as is thanks to the likes of Shadowjeweler Hanar and the tempo tools available to the class.

With Jandice Barov, Shadowjeweler Hanar, and Zephrys the Great amongst others, this isn't the cheapest deck to build from scratch but if you happen to have the cards then go for it!

Secret Rogue deck list and strategy

Here’s our favourite Secret Rogue deck at the moment in Darkmoon Faire. Check back for more info once the meta develops though!

2 x Preparation2 x Wand Thief
2 x Shadowstep1 x Zephrys the Great
2 x Backstab2 x Questing Adventurer
2 x Secret Passage1 x Jandice Barov
1 x Pharaoh Cat
2 x Blackjack Stunner
2 x Swindle
2 x Eviscerate
1 x Shadowjeweler Hanar
2 x Foxy Fraud
2 x Dirty Tricks
1 x Plagiarize
1 x Edwin VanCleef
2 x EVIL Miscreant

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General strategy

Focus on making the most of your Secret synergies, and try to trick your opponent into playing their activators.

Early game: This deck plays pretty much on-curve to begin with. Pharaoh Cat will give you a free Reborn minion to keep contesting the board, and Foxy Fraud can help you discount Combo cards like Swindle and Eviscerate.

If you get Shadowjeweler Hanar to stick on the board, get some Secrets played as soon as possible. Ambush is a great early one to get stats on the board, and Hanar will give you a Secret from another class with every Secret you play. You'll be able to Discover the Secret too, so choose based on the enemy's playstyle.

Mid game: EVIL Miscreant and all your mid-game Lackey generating cards should keep you from running out of resources as well, so give this a shot whenever you get the chance. You always have the opportunity in the mid-game to build an absolutely giant Edwin VanCleef too, which can lead to a swift victory if the enemy can't deal with it.

Just keep playing on curve, getting Secrets out there whenever possible and if you can, pop off a bit with Hanar. Drawing out your deck as much as possible is essential here, and feel free to chuck down a Questing Adventurer down to grow it in size with cheapo spells.

Late game: By the time the game gets too late, you should’ve garnered enough pressure to finish your enemy. If you’ve drawn out enough of your deck, Zephrys the Great is a final gambit, and he’ll glow yellow if you can trigger his Battlecry. Sometimes, this’ll let you finish the game with an emergency Fireball, so keep this in mind when you’re finishing the game before conceding.

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Secret Rogue Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll want to make the best possible start with Secret Rogue:

  • 1. Pharaoh Cat is great to start with. It generates value and offers a body to force enemies to trade into.
  • 2. Foxy Fraud works very well early on, letting you play cheap Combo cards on the same turn. This includes EVIL Miscreant and Swindle, giving you extra resources.
  • 3. Speaking of, EVIL Miscreant and his Lackeys are great for all points in the game, and coining it out is often a solid play to activate the Combo if you don’t have Foxy Fraud.

Secret Rogue tips, combos and synergies

Here’s a few combos and interactions to look out for with Secret Rogue.

- Eviscerate is a great finishing move, but remember to activate its Combo first.

- Use Secret Passage to draw out 4 cards for a single turn, and play them if at all possible.

- Zephrys the Great can be used as a game ender in many situations, so keep an eye out. Got a board of minions ready to attack? Maybe Savage Roar is the finisher you need!

- Each game will play out differently thanks to your differing Shadowjeweler Hanar pulls. Remember that each Secret you Discover also triggers the Minion's effect though.

- You can only have up to 5 Secrets in play at once.

- Force the enemy’s big minions back into their hand with Blackjack Stunner, but don’t do this to powerful Battlecry effects if you can avoid it.

- The classes you can discover Secrets from are Paladin, Hunter, and Mage. The Paladin class' Secrets cost 1 mana, Hunter's cost 2, and Mage's cost 3.

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