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The Division 2 Staff - how to unlock Clans and Recalibration

Each one of the features in The Division 2 are locked behind one of the many staff members. To unlock them, you'll need to complete missions for each one of the two settlements, providing you with more opportunities to score extra loot, while killing more of the bad guys along the way. So if you want to have better stuff in the future agent, it's time to get recruiting.

Want to know everything about the various different systems in The Division 2? Head on over to our The Division 2 guide hub to find lots more information about the game. More will be discovered as Agents pile into Washington D.C., so stay frosty. If you want to try your hand at making your own builds, you'll need to have a look at all the weapons, skills, and specializations to get the job done. Our The Division 2 weapons/gunsThe Division 2 best skills and The Division 2 Specializations guides respectively are a good place to start.

The Division 2 staff guide

Our staff guide will explain how to unlock each of the staff members to unlock new facilities at the White House, including the Shooting Gallery to test weapons in, the Clans to set up or join groups, the Dark Zone Officer for sorting your Dark Zone skills, and the Recalibration Officer for recalibrating your weapons.

Testing out a shotgun in the Shooting Gallery under the White House.

Staff facilities

Staff members that are recruited to the White House each have something different to bring to the player. Some like the Dark Zone Officer and Bounties unlock new features in the game. Others like the Shooting Gallery can enable for you to test just how lethal your build is, or give you a bit more personality via the Barber. We will of course be bringing you more on the Recalibration Station in its own separate guide, but in the meantime, here are a couple of more in-depth guides on The Division 2 Dark Zone and The Division 2 crafting.

The Campus Settlement ranks, which list each of the three you can unlock.

How to unlock Clans, Recalibration, Dark Zone, and Crafting

Now you know what each of the seven staff members does, you'll want to be able to unlock them. They're all made available as you complete missions for either one of the two main settlements. Theater is just to the east of the White House and you'll visit it not long after starting the game. Campus on the other hand is unlocked around level 15 as you begin to venture west of the White House. Once you've made contact, you'll need to complete tasks, so here's what you unlock when you increase the settlement level for each location:

Theater Settlement levels

  • Staff Member: Iyana al-Khaliq - Crafting
    Requirement: Finish mission - Find Eleanor Sawyer
  • Staff Member: Grace Lason - Clans
    Requirement: Reach Theater Settlement level 2 (complete 2 missions)
  • Staff Member: Senait Ezera - Dark Zone
    Requirement: Reach Theater settlement level 3 (complete 3 missions)
  • Staff Member: Charles Douglas - Shooting Gallery
    Requirement: Reach Theater settlement level 4 (complete 4 missions)

Campus Settlement levels

  • Staff Member: Joshua Summers - Barber
    Requirement: Reach Campus settlement level 1 (complete 1 mission)
  • Staff Member: Otis Sykes - Bounties
    Requirement: Reach Campus settlement level 2 (complete 2 missions)
  • Staff Member: Emma Richards - Recalibration Station
    Requirement: Reach Campus settlement level 3 (complete 3 missions)

That's how to unlock all of the staff in The Division 2. Now that you've begun to help others in the region, it's time to know the enemy. Our The Division 2 factions guide has the information on the factions, the types of enemies you'll face, and what the colours all mean.

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