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Ubisoft reveal Star Wars Outlaws, an open world Star Wars game featuring a kind of girl Han Solo

Yeah I'm being reductive but she's a "cunning scoundrel" doing a heist, throw me a bone

Kay Vess, a rogue, criminal type, walking along next to a tall security droid in some key art for Star Wars Outlaws
Image credit: Ubisoft

Tonight yet another Star Wars game was revealed, this time coming from Lucasfilm (but they all come from them, technically) and Ubisoft. Star Wars Outlaws is, being an Ubi game, an open world adventure where you play as Kay Vess - the Han-Solo-but-a-girl I reference in my headline - and Kay's best alien pal Nix "as they attempt one of the greatest heists the Outer Rim has ever seen." Outlaws was revealed tonight at the Xbox Games Showcase with a trailer that had an extended opening metaphor bit about gambling that was trite enough for me to assume it was a trailer for the Quantic Dream Star Wars game. BUT. I do like the look of Outlaws (currently slated for 2024).

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In fairness it actually is kind of a move to make a Star Wars rogue (TM) be a lady, because almost all of the recent mainstream Han Solo rip-offs have been bros (although the games do like a gal from the wrong side of the tracks). Kay is offered the chance of a lifetime by a sinister man called Jaylen, who has big "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" vibes even from the few seconds he's in the trailer. It's set during a time that the Galactic Empire is hunting down the Rebel Alliance, which means probably some time in or around the original trilogy era.

Elsewhere we have all the Star Wars hits: a rancor, spaceships, some kind of droid, looking through one of those boxy viewfinder things... There's no actual footage of the game in action in this trailer, and I can only speculate that Nix, who is one of those little guys who looks like a dog crossed with an axolotl, will be able to climb stuff or go through little holes or what have you. But I won't have to speculate for long, because more will be shown at Ubisoft Forward (which is on from 6pm BST/10am PST tomorrow).

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