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No Hope: Unannounced Star Wars RTS Trailer Leaks

It may never be with you

We've got at least four Star Wars games to look forward to in the next four years, but one wonders how many more have been partially developed and discarded without anyone ever knowing. This thought is prompted by footage of an unannounced, presumably cancelled, Star Wars real-time strategy game that appeared online yesterday.

The Original Trilogy Tatooine-set footage was first spotted by Nerd_Leaks and uploaded to Vimeo by someone claiming to be former EA audio director Elise Baldwin. It was quickly removed from Vimeo, but not before being ripped and uploaded elsewhere. For example:

Cover image for YouTube video

It's cartoon-y, it looks far from finished (do those laser blasts connect with anyone other than Skywalker?), but it does do enough to make me imagine how good a Star Wars RTS might be. Basically, AT-ATs stomping across landscapes while Jawa and Imperial soldiers scurry under foot is what I'm after, and this has that as well as X-Wings and Tie Fighters in the sky.

Of course, Star Wars: Empire At War also had some of those things back in 2006 and it felt like a boring mod for Command & Conquer. There's little in the video above that suggests this game had any more interesting ideas beyond "Be Star Wars," so I can see why this "did not make it to marketplace," according to the original video's description, after being "in development for over a year."

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