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Valorant Jett guide - 30 tips and tricks to maximise your Jett skills

Knives out

Jett is one of the most mobile agents in Valorant, and her ultimate ability is notorious for wiping out entire squads at the best of times. But with such a high skill ceiling, you're going to need all the help you can get to truly master Jett. Hence, this Valorant Jett guide.

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Valorant Jett guide

Jett abilities overview

Before we begin, let's make sure we're all clear on each of Jett's abilities. Feel free to consult the table below, and move on when you're ready:

Tailwind | Signature | 1 charge | Recharge mid-round by earning 2 kills
Instantly propel in the direction she is moving. If Jett is standing still, she will propel forward.
Updraft | Purchasable | 2 charges | Costs 200c each
Instantly propel Jett high into the air.
Cloudburst | Purchasable | 3 charges | Costs 100c each
Instantly throw a projectile that expands into a brief vision cloud on impact with a surface. Hold the ability key to curve the cloud in the direction of your crosshair.
Blade Storm | Ultimate | 6 charges
Equip a set of highly accurate throwing knives that recharge on killing an opponent. Fire to throw a single knife at your target. Alternative Fire to throw all remaining daggers at your target.

Now let's go over each ability one at a time, and talk about some little-known tactics and features that will turn Jett into a true force to be reckoned with in Valorant.

Jett tips - Tailwind

  1. Jett's Tailwind doesn't take into account vertical angle, so you can't move up or down with Tailwind alone.
  2. The strongest use for Tailwind is as a tool for quickly escaping bad encounters. If you're being shot and you're half a second from dying, you can blink away as Jett when as any other character you'd likely end up dead.
  3. You can head in eight directions with Tailwind - the four cardinals, and the four diagonals. If no direction is specified (i.e. if you're not holding any of the movement keys), then Jett will travel straight forwards.
  4. Combine Tailwind with a simple jump, either at the start or during the boost. This will make you a slightly less predictable target.
  5. Tailwind automatically lowers your momentum at the end of the boost, so you cannot transition from a Tailwind straight into a bunny-hop. Unfortunately.
  6. While Tailwind is undoubtedly useful, you should be careful where you end up as there is a delay of around a second after the boost ends before you can use your weapon.
  7. While boosting with Tailwind, your vision is distorted slightly - and turning Distortion off in Valorant's graphics settings doesn't remove this. So try to have a decent idea of where the enemy is before using Tailwind.

Jett tips - Updraft

  1. Supplement an Updraft with Jett's passive float ability to stay in the air for lengthy periods of time.
  2. As with Tailwind, Jett's Updraft ability incurs a delay of around one second after the animation before you can use your weapon again.
  3. You can combine both jumps (or one jump with a Sage wall or other boosting ability) to reach very high indeed - high enough to look over the tops of buildings in certain areas. Example: use an Updraft to get on top of the crates outside attacker spawn on Haven; then jump towards A, and while in the air use your Updraft again, and hover. You'll be able to see directly into B site from just outside your spawn, and most players won't expect you to be there at all, so you can scout out the presence of a B-site OP-er with relative safety.
  4. The moment you're in the air, you're subject to enormous movement inaccuracy, which means your shots with normal weapons will be extremely inaccurate. The effect is probably least potent with a shotgun like Bucky, which has led some Jett players to go floating-and-gunning with a Bucky during econ rounds to great success.
  5. You can use Updraft at exactly the same time as Tailwind - neither ability waits for or interrupts the other.

Valorant Jett abilities

Jett tips - Cloudburst

  1. A large portion of Valorant's playerbase doesn't think much of Cloudburst due to the smokes only lasting 4 seconds each - and they have a point. It's enough time to quickly relocate a short distance without enemies seeing you, but little more than that.
  2. You can curve the trajectory of a Cloudburst for as long as you hold down the ability button after casting - but the moment you let go, you cannot control it anymore.
  3. Just like Phoenix's Blaze, you can curve Cloudburst very sharply around corners, and with enough skill you can navigate obstacle-filled terrain.
  4. I've found great (but subtle) success deploying Cloudbursts as far as possible away from myself, to make enemies think I'm nearby when I'm not. You don't have to be Omen to play mindgames.
  5. Cloudburst smokes are hollow, but if you are inside one (whether friend or foe) you'll be Nearsighted until you leave the area of effect.
  6. While navigating a Cloudburst through the air, you are locked out of using weapons - but you can still move around.
  7. Your Cloudburst smokes can be seen on the minimap - a useful tool for checking the smoke's exact resting position.

Jett ultimate tips - Blade Storm

  1. Each knife of Blade Storm deals 50 damage to the body or limb, and 150 per headshot. So if you hit an enemy's head with a knife, it's a guaranteed kill.
  2. On paper, Blade Storm is worse than most guns. Its one great benefit is that the knives are always 100% accurate, and do not suffer from movement inaccuracy or recoil. Therefore it is a very good idea to combine your ultimate with Tailwind or Updraft, as the mobility doesn't affect your accuracy in any way.
  3. Blade Storm is a strong option for eco rounds, enough that you can reasonably forego buying a pistol.
  4. You have a total of five knives to throw, and the knives replenish when you earn a kill with them, leading to some intense clutch team-wiping potential.
  5. Right-clicking while Blade Storm is active will throw all remaining knives in a scattershot manner, making it a veritable close-range shotgun. This is extremely powerful in very close quarters, and you can often score a kill by lying in wait close to a corner for the enemy to round it.
  6. There is a delay of 0.2 seconds between knife throws, so you can throw all five knives in the space of a second.
  7. While there is (as mentioned) a delay after using Tailwind or Updraft before you can use your gun again, the delay is far less pronounced when using Blade Storm. This lends further synergy to Jett's abilities.
  8. There is a significant wind-up animation after activating Blade Storm before the knives can actually be thrown (around 1.5 seconds), and there's a similar delay after the knives are depleted before you can use your regular weapon again. So if you mess up with your Blade Storm, you can very easily be punished for it. High risk, high reward.
  9. Blade Storm is not on a timer like certain other ultimate abilities (such as Phoenix's Run It Back, or Raze's Showstopper), so you can take your time while Blade Storm is active.

Some additional Jett tips

  1. Using nothing but her passive float, Jett can easily reach areas that would normally require an ability. For example, she can reach the top of the boxes in the centre of Haven's A site from the ground, while every other agent would have to use an ability or head up to A Heaven to do so (if you're wondering, you need to climb the boxes in the very corner of A site). So don't use your abilities to get to these spots unless necessary.
  2. Jett is an initiator, through and through. Her strength is in starting and ending fights quickly, and she's also surprisingly hard to kill if you're quick with the Tailwind. But her skillset lacks the utility required to make her a top-tier Valorant agent in the eyes of most players. You'll have to work hard and score lots of kills to prove your worth as Jett.

Valorant Jett guide

With that, we'll conclude this Valorant Jett guide. But we've got plenty more to offer for any Valorant player looking to increase their skill and knowledge! Click any of the links below to head over to a different Valorant guide.

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