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Valorant guns: all weapon stats and recoil patterns

Become a true master of the Valorant weapons arsenal

The Valorant weapons arsenal is an intricately, painstakingly crafted repository of destructive potential. And perhaps more so than in most other FPS games, you really need to know what you're doing with them. Our Valorant weapons guide will offer up detailed stats on each of the 17 different weapons you can purchase between rounds, along with clear recoil patterns so you can start to tame these powerful beasts and become a true master of weapons in Valorant.

Valorant guns & weapons guide

Valorant guns - One Shot Kill potential

With such a low time-to-kill (TTK) in Valorant, some of the stats that you'd normally put into a weapons guide (TTK and DPS) are less important. Instead, one trait stands front and centre: a gun's potential to kill an enemy with a single shot.

Valorant weapons have three different sets of damage stats based on whether you hit in the head, body, or limb. And the headshot multiplier is huge, so you should always be aiming for the head in Valorant so you can maximise your chances of getting a one-shot-kill.

I've put together the below tables to display which weapons have the ability to kill in one shot. I've taken into account all body parts, distances, and armor levels.

Valorant guns & weapons guide - one shot kill potentials

As you can see, the vast majority of weapons can only kill in one shot with a headshot. The exceptions are the two sniper rifles; the Marshal can deal 101 damage with a bodyshot, while the all-powerful Operator deals 150 damage with a bodyshot and 127 with a limb shot.

You may also notice I haven't included the shotguns (or the Shorty sidearm) in the above tables, because it seems a bit silly to do so. They're a different beast altogether with their individual pellets. Suffice it to say that at optimum ranges, each of the shotguns can easily deal over 100 damage with a single blast.

Valorant guns - weapon stats and recoil patterns

Now let's move onto each of the Valorant weapons and their stats and recoil patterns. As time goes on I'll be creating individual pages for each weapon which go into much more detail; you can click on the weapon names in the tables to head to the individual guide if it exists.

Note: the "Dropoffs" column indicates the thresholds at which the damage values change for that weapon. So if the threshold is 30m, then that gun will deal a certain amount of damage from 0-30 metres, and then a smaller amount of damage from 30-50 metres.

Valorant Sidearms

NameCostMagRoF (Alt)PenDropoffsHead DMGBody DMGLimb DMG
ClassicN/A126.75 (2.22)Low30m78 | 6626 | 2222 | 18
Shorty20023.3Low9m | 15m36 | 24 | 912 | 8 | 310 | 6 | 2
Frenzy4001310Low20m78 | 6326 | 2122 | 17
Ghost500156.75Med30m105 | 8830 | 2526 | 21
Sheriff80064High30m160 | 14555 | 5047 | 43
[spoiler title="Recoil Patterns" style="default" collapse_link="false"] [/spoiler]

Valorant SMGs

NameCostMagRoF (Alt)PenDropoffsHead DMGBody DMGLimb DMG
Stinger10002018 (4)Low20m67 | 6227 | 2523 | 21
Spectre16003013.33 (12)Med20m78 | 6626 | 2222 | 18
[spoiler title="Recoil Patterns" style="default" collapse_link="false"] [/spoiler]

Valorant Shotguns

NameCostMagRoFPenPelletsDropoffsHead DMGBody DMGLimb DMG
Bucky90051.1Low158m | 12m44 | 34 | 1822 | 17 | 919 | 14 | 8
Judge150073.5Med1210m | 15m34 | 26 | 2017 | 13 | 1014 | 11 | 9

Valorant Rifles

NameCostMagRoF (Alt)PenDropoffsHead DMGBody DMGLimb DMG
Bulldog2100249.15 (4)MedN/A1163530
Guardian2700126.5 (6.5)MedN/A1956549
Phantom29003011 (9.9)Med15m | 30m156 | 140 | 12439 | 35 | 3133 | 30 | 26
Vandal2900259.25 (8.32)MedN/A1563933
[spoiler title="Recoil Patterns" style="default" collapse_link="false"] [/spoiler]

Valorant Snipers

NameCostMagRoF (Alt)PenDropoffsHead DMGBody DMGLimb DMG
Marshal110051.5 (1.2)MedN/A20210185
Operator450050.75 (0.75)HighN/A255150127

Valorant Heavy Weapons

NameCostMagRoFPenDropoffsHead DMGBody DMGLimb DMG
Ares17005010 -> 13High30m72 | 6730 | 2825 | 23
Odin320010012 -> 15.6High30m95 | 7738 | 3132 | 26
[spoiler title="Recoil Patterns" style="default" collapse_link="false"] [/spoiler]

Valorant weapons guide

That's just about it for this Valorant weapons guide - at least for now. But in the meantime, I'll be working hard to put together a whole series of guides to help turn you into a veritable God of Valorant. Click any of the links below to head over to a different Valorant guide!

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