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Best Battle Rifle in Warzone 2

Pop off by popping heads with the best Battle Rifle in Warzone 2

Looking for the best Battle Rifle in Warzone 2? Battle Rifles lie in between ARs and the other high-powered long-range weaponry in Warzone 2, offering decent damage at medium-long range. They don't offer the one-hit kills that you might get with other rifles, but you can rely on them for a snappy 2-3 shot kill that's a little more forgiving thanks to their higher fire rates. If you find yourself stuck in close-quarters, you can even activate a full-auto mode to quickly rinse your opponents.

In this guide, we'll break down the best Battle Rifle in Warzone 2. We'll then rank every Battle Rifle in Warzone 2 Season 1 from best to worst, before explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each further down.

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Best Battle Rifle in Warzone 2

The best Battle Rifle in Warzone 2 is the FTAC Recon. With best in class damage and the fastest fire rate, the FTAC Recon has the best TTK among the Battle Rifles. That makes it an easy pick for the top spot before you even consider its fast reload speed and snappy, lightweight feel. If you're after a Battle Rifle, the FTAC Recon is one of the best guns in Warzone 2 right now.

Below, you can see our ranked list of the best Battle Rifle in Warzone 2:

  1. FTAC Recon
  2. Lachmann 762
  3. TAQ-V
  4. S0-14

4. S0-14

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the S0-14.

The S0-14 and the TAQ-V are nearly indistinguishable when comparing their Warzone 2 stats, but there's one big area that makes a significant difference. The S0-14 might have a very similar fire rate, damage profile, TTK, and speed, but it suffers massively in recoil control. Each shot will kick so far back that you'll struggle to easily line up again to take another, usually leaving you dead before you can easily score a kill. The S0-14 isn't terrible, but it is outclassed by every other Battle Rifle in Warzone 2 Season 1.

3. TAQ-V

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the TAQ-V.

The TAQ-V just manages to beat the S0-14 and wrestle out of last place, with better recoil control and accuracy making it easier to wield. It also has a slightly faster reload speed, and best in class mobility. However, the TAQ-V suffers in the damage department, with almost no increase compared to the SO-14. That leaves it feeling rather weak compared to the more powerful Lachmann 762 and FTAC Recon, both of which will likely serve you better while racking up kills in Al Mazrah.

2. Lachmann 762

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the Lachmann-762.

The Lachmann 762 has a very small bump in damage and fire rate compared to the previous guns, giving it a marginally faster TTK of 142 ms (compared to 143ms for the TAQ-V and S0-14). That difference is negligible, but the fact is that the Lachmann 762 is ever so slightly better. It does have slightly more recoil to contest with, but that's easy enough to manage with the right attachments, leaving you with a formidable Battle Rifle that can easily drop your enemies in a couple of hits.

1. FTAC Recon

The player in Warzone 2.0 inspects their weapon, the FTAC Recon.

The FTAC Recon is by far the best of the bunch, with the best damage profile, TTK, and fire rate in the Battle Rifle class. It's also incredibly easy to control, allowing you to make every shot count. That does matter a little more here than for other Battle Rifles, as the FTAC Recon only holds 10 rounds in a mag compared to the standard 20-round mags used by the others. However, with such precision and power, the FTAC Recon easily takes the top spot on this list.

That wraps up our guide on the best Battle Rifle in Warzone 2. If you're after other long-range weapons, take a look at our guides on the best Sniper Rifle and the best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2. For something faster to partner with your favourite Battle Rifle, check out our list of the best SMGs in Warzone 2.

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