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What are we all playing this Easter weekend?


Hello to you, and happy Easter weekend! Here in the UK that means a four-day weekend for many. RPS will be run a reduced service until Tuesday, at which point we'll roll away our egg-bloated bodies and attempt to rise again. If you're looking to for some Easter exercise and consider P.E. With Joe frankly far too early in the morning, I have a hot suggestion for you: Egg Tennis. I discovered this hot sport in the 1906 book Things To Do And How To Do Them, and it's basically a pinata but with eggs and no sweets and also it's a competitive game of tennis. Don't worry if you don't already have regulation Egg Tennis rackets or Egg Tennis confetti eggs because the book explains how to make it all. You do have rattan at hand, right?

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

This bank holiday weekend I am going to try and not play games, as it happens, and catch up on the analogue pastime that is reading. But if I dip into any games I expect they will be fiddly little jigsaw things like Glass Masquerade 2. I used to play it on the train down to work and it's very good for disappearing time away.

Alice L

Issa long weekend and I'm so excited to be able to play Animal Crossing for the entire time. Apart from when I'm doing some gardening. I've been looking forward to this weekend of gardening for absolutely ages.


I never did get around to playing Diaries Of A Spaceport Janitor, which is weird because: 1) It looked well my thing; 2) People tell me yeah, I really would like. So I'm going to space! I will be off work all next week too, doing... ...stuff? No idea. Sleep? Stuff.


This weekend I'll be playing The Sims 4, building glorious brutalist monuments out of concrete and metal and stuff. Because that's what I do with my free time now.


I began Resident Evil 3 over the weekend and there have been an embarrassing number of moments where I've just noped out of there. It's like rage quitting, but for wimps. However, I've persevered and gotten to Carlos's first segment in the police department, so interested to see what's changed. There is also Animal Crossing New Horizons, where I've been playing the Stalk Market and wondering why my hard-earned bell fortune is disappearing before my eyes.


I've played two matches of Valorant, Riot's new first-person shooter, and it's similar enough to Counter-Strike that some of my old muscle memory directly translates across. I'm going to put the VR headset down for a few days and focus on playing that, I think.


Me and some friends have managed to recruit another one of our pals to play Sea Of Thieves with us, so this weekend we'll be showing him the ropes. It's a long weekend though so I probably won't be playing pirates the entire time. In an effort to try out some more new stuff from my backlog I'm thinking of taking another whack at Divinity: Original Sin. I bounced off it the first time, but it's right up my alley and I really want to get into it.


Provided I can pry Matthew away from Persona 5, I'll be hunkering down with Final Fantasy VII Remake this weekend. Alas, I wasn't one of the lucky few who got their physical copy delivered early, but the postman has finally come though. The only thing left to do now is lay some chocolate traps in the kitchen for Matthew so I can steal the PS4 for a bit.


I plan on playing Valorant until I get sick of it, then probably playing some more anyway. It turns out guns are even better with wizards. Seems obvious in hindsight.


I've spent a week of holiday playing Persona 5 Royal. Something about its daily routines is very reassuring at a time when one day blurs into the next. Also I like it when the talking cat throws a fireball.


I've decided to go full berserk on my Steam backlog over the four days of the long weekend, and play everything I've been meaning to for months. Games attempted may include Sea Salt, Dwarrows, the newish farming stuff in Dawn Of Man, Ostriv, King Under The Mountain, and Phoenix Point. Also, I'll be hoping to return to Stellaris, Planet Zoo and RimWorld, as there's still loads of new stuff I want to try in each of those. Easter Weekend? More like Beaster Weekend.


Ollie is away.


Bannerlord's performance continues to improve, and with a few simple mods a lot of waiting can be cut out. So probably more of that. But for a break, I expect to dive back into Cataclysm DDA, to see if I can get my NPC lackeys to do something useful like build a village instead of staring at me all day. And I need to do something with those mushrooms, so probably I'll make chilli. It's a wild time here alright.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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