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What are we all playing this weekend?


Have you said hullo to our newest members of staff yet? They're right over there. And right in here! Welcome Ed, Jake, and James to the feature we affectionally call WAWAPWAPWPAAWW.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

This weekend I will mostly be playing Sudoku and sleeping. The lads who do that nice Cracking The Cryptic YouTube channel have several Sudoku games and they are all very good (I am very bad at them, though).


With Destiny 2's new expansion out next week, this weekend I definitely will make time to beat the Prophecy dungeon solo flawless before Bungie remove the armour mods which help a huge amount. I've got a whole lot of crimes to perfect in Teardown too. Or the weather will stay good and I'll sack it all off for long bike rides.


Yakuza: Like A Dragon, obviously. And – cheap plug time – you'll get to watch me play it every week as part of LollaYakuza. Melodrama and karaoke awaits!


I will continue to thwack thugs in Yakuza: Like A Dragon, maybe mutter some of its karaoke bangers to myself as well. Then I will likely watch some Gogglebox and go to sleep.


I'm going to continue wrecking my way across Teardown, a game in which everything is smashable. I've reached a point where the optional objects are getting much harder and perhaps beginning to test my patience, but hey, they're optional so who cares. Also, breaking stuff is fun enough that I could happily just do it on the same level over and over even if I did get totally stuck. A good game.


I'm currently in the rubbish stage of moving house where I have no internet, so I'm very sad I won't be able to play Apex Legends' new season this weekend. Little offline games like Monster Train and Hades will have to keep me going for now. That, and the only two DVDs I own played on repeat.


I'll mostly be playing a super secret AAA game that I am absolutely not allowed to talk about. I just started playing Among Us too, continuing my knack for being late to every hot new gaming trend that happens. I'm bloody rubbish at being the imposter, so I'll be practising my venting and sabotage skills this weekend.


I've treated myself to a four-day weekend! I can't leave the house! I'm therefore going to make a butternut squash tarte tatin and play absolutely loads of Warzone. I've also been meaning to get back into the Yakuza series after seeing what Ed's had to say about Like A Dragon, so maybe restarting Yakuza 0 is the move.


Having completed the superb Paradise Killer last weekend, my quest to mop up this year's best games continues. I'm determined to play through some more Doom Eternal, but I'll need to steal Matthew's Steam account to do it because my Stadia version's just too slow and laggy to do it properly. If I can't persuade him to part ways with it, I'll probably try my hand at some Gears Tactics.


Oh crikey, what will I play? It's been a week. I think it's gonna have to be the big, warm, comfortable blanket of medieval slaughter for me with... yep, you guessed it, AoE2. Dunno though, this could be a weekend to try something new and surprise myself. What if this is the time to try a Yakuza at long last?


I suppose I may be able to tear myself away from Apex Legends long enough to try out that new Zachtronics non-Zach-like, Möbius Front '83. I'm very intrigued by what I've seen of it so far, though I'm afraid I'll compare it too much with the near-perfect Into The Breach, which might spoil my time with it. We shall see.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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