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Call Of Duty: Warzone's murder door has been fixed, sadly

The MG82 has also been toned down

It was only a day or two ago that Call Of Duty: Warzone was home to a door with a vendetta. Anyone who touched it died instantly, such was its power. But now its heady days exacting pain on unsuspecting players is over, as the latest update has boarded it up for good. I'm a bit sad, actually.

Why am I sad? Because Warzone's murder door achieved celebrity status, even if it clearly hated it. Players would fly into Verdansk to pay it a visit, and by "visit", I mean run headfirst into it and get murdered.

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But as one door closes in Warzone, another also closes, as they say. The recently added MG82 light machine gun was introduced at the start of Season 4 and it was ridiculously strong. I'm talking zero recoil, decent mobility, stopping power - everything. Well, this latest update has nerfed basically all of its stats.

Although having watched Warzone statistician JGOD's video, the MG82 still seems like the strongest mid to long range weapon in the game. Yes, it won't be quite as lethal, but clearly there's no better option. So I suppose, this door's actually still ajar.

Raven Software also said they're keeping a "close eye" on the Nail Gun, another new weapon introduced with Season 4. It's devastating at close range and it looks like the devs know that it's maybe a bit too strong right now. Expect some nerfs in the near future, basically.

For all the tweaks in the latest Warzone update, the patch notes have you covered. I for one think it's a crying shame we won't ever see tourist guides help players meet their doom anymore, as in the video below. Alright, I've said my piece.

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